Fordham Institute Names Karen Lewis Education Person of the Year

31 Dec


The Fordham Institute is a right wing organization that pushes education privatization policy.  So why would they name Karen Lewis person of the year?  From the article it seems that they are warning reformers that they face resurgent teachers unions nationwide.  Whether you think that’s a good thing or not, you can’t deny that something changed.  When the teachers went out on strike in September, you had a lot of people pulling for them.   I still remember wearing my CTU shirt one night as I was about to get on the train at LaSalle Street Station.  There was a panhandler there and I told him honestly that I had no spare change.  He told me, “That’s alright.  You guys don’t back down.   Don’t let that Mayor roll over you.”   I thanked him and went to my train realizing that it wasn’t just parents and city workers who were behind the CPS teachers.

Karen Lewis; The 2012 Education Person of the Year

“While Lewis appears unlikely to be able to challenge Randi Weingarten as leader of the AFT anytime soon, she is giving voice to many educators who feel frustrated by Weingarten’s reform-y talk and rhetorical concessions. We should expect a more strident unionism, especially in the cities, in the years to come.”

Chicago Teachers Pension Fund to Review Investments in Arms Companies

‘Rehak noted that the review was prompted by the recent massacre of children and teachers at Sandy Hook elementary school. Ashford reminded the trustees that children of the same ages are dying regularly in Chicago because of guns in the hands of criminals’

Laws of Physics Can’t Trump the Bonds of Love

“When you start talking about physics, you start to wonder, ‘What is the purpose of it all?’ ” he said in an interview. “Kids started coming to me and asking me those ultimate questions. I wanted them to look at their life in a little different way — as opposed to just through the laws of physics — and give themselves more purpose in life.”


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