How Was Your First Day Back?

3 Jan


I’ll be curious to see how many teachers and students continued their break through the weekend and how many went back on time.  Big plans for winter vacations or trips to Mexico to see family will take precedence I am sure.  I’ve already seen students and teachers asking for a freak storm, but that’s not the only news.   CPS continues to have a problem giving the appearance of community engagement. You can’t have the illusion of inclusion without lyin’ about buy in.

Letter Sent to CEO Byrd-Bennett by Raise Your Hand Coalition

“As Chicago parents we are concerned that CPS is still using a flawed formula that exaggerates under utilization, under-reports overcrowding and ignores other factors reducing classroom size such as percent of special education students served and on site community partnerships. We are also deeply troubled by the lack of transparency in the process that CPS is using to make decisions around school actions this year.”

Indiana Need to Drop Common Core, Develop Its Own Standards

The defeat of Tony Bennett as Indiana’s state superintendent of education was attributed to many factors. Yet, as one post-election analysis indicated, the size of the vote for his rival, Glenda Ritz, suggests that the most likely reason was Bennett’s support for, and attempt to implement, Common Core’s badly flawed standards.”

Kristine Mayle’s Accuses Board of Misrepresentation

Kristine and other parents and others accuse CPS of misrepresenting facts in this video from before the December School Board meeting.

2012 – A Banner Year for Education Reform (Satire)

“In Chicago, I wonder how long Juan Rangel and his $260,000+ salary will continue to be able to have school openings like this one, if charters do not receive more tax dollars. “

4 Responses to “How Was Your First Day Back?”

  1. effaridi January 3, 2013 at 2:43 pm #

    First day back is too early. All of the teachers are here, but only half the students. It’s quiet, and a waste…

  2. teacher parent January 3, 2013 at 7:55 pm #

    everyone has a bad attitude basically just are grumbling about being back. It’s fine otherwise but I feel cheated out of 2 days, and being that we won’t get paid for these days til the summer, I am extra frustrated about having to be here. However, it’s only 2 days! I think the challenge will be going to school until June 25th.

  3. cps299 January 4, 2013 at 12:16 am #

    Sorry you both had bad experiences. I guess I was lucky today.

  4. DZV January 6, 2013 at 2:20 pm #

    I can’t complain about being back. Most of our staff and students were in. It was quiet. We played catch up on somethings. Nothing serious, if you want to talk about “learning”. Finish book reports, review some math, catch up on paperwork.
    @ Teacher parent:
    I don’t remember reading anything on the union site about being paid until June for these days. According to their site, your check should be bigger. You should get 5 paid vacation days, 3 days from deferred pay, and be paid for the 2 days you worked. This next paycheck should reflect the last week worked before break, plus one week paid vacation. The next check should reflect 3 days deferred and the 2 worked days.
    From the CTU site:

    An FAQ distributed by the union in early October included the following incorrect information…

    “Will members receive bigger checks from making up the strike days during those payroll periods? Yes, you will have more paid days because of the make-up days from the strike. You will not get two separate checks, just bigger checks than normal for pay periods where we are making up strike days.”

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