Nate Silver Says Value Added is Bad Math

10 Jan


I have heard from many teachers that the Michelle Rhee documentary was underwhelming, but I didn’t mind it that much.  I wasn’t expecting hard hitting journalism and I thought that for a lot of people it was probably their first time hearing anything about the cheating scandal.  Besides, if Michelle wasn’t worried about the documentary, she wouldn’t have had a whole army of Student First employees spinning and doing damage control on Twitter yesterday.

I heard from two separate sources that there was a supplemental bill that got defeated in the state legislature that would have given $35 million to CPS and $35 million to UNO for construction projects.  Basically, every CPS student would get $89 — enough to build some libraries and every UNO student would get a bit over $5,500.  Yeah, that seems fair.

Data King Nate Silver Isn’t Sold on Evaluating Teachers with Test Scores

“There are certainly cases where applying objective measures badly is worse than not applying them at all, and education may well be one of those.

In my job out of college as a consultant, one of my projects involved visiting public school classrooms in Ohio and talking to teachers, and their view was very much that teaching-to-the-test was constraining them in some unhelpful ways.”

Limbaugh Attacks Karen Lewis

This is good solid context by Substance, but I think that  CTU Director of Union Operations, Michael Harrington’s comments are especially valuable.

Good Move for Special Needs Children

“Long time PURE member Amy Zimmerman and the group Health and Disability Advocates filed a complaint with the Illinois State Board of Education yesterday, charging that the Chicago Public Schools has repeatedly failed to evaluate the youngest children with disabilities and move them into special education preschool programs as required by the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.”


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