School Closings Report Released

11 Jan


There is a ton of news today, so I’m going to keep my commentary to a minimum.  I still can’t believe how little time they are giving people to adjust to closings.   That’s just inhumane.  Teachers will have a hard time finding jobs and it’s a tough adjustment for students.  I also find it odd that they think junior high students don’t have to worry about gang violence.

Report: Don’t Close CPS High Schools, Due to Potential for Violence

“It is clear certain neighborhoods are the primary targets of CPS school actions. School closings exacerbate the problems of foreclosures, joblessness and violence. We are troubled that this report still lacks a clear safety plan and given the spike in violent crime in Chicago this is extremely problematic,” 

Questions for the Commission: Enrollment; Finances

“Indeed.  In  mid-October, Mayor Emanuel was saying there are 200,000 “empty seats” in CPS – 600,000 seats for 400,000 students; by the end of October, the crisis had eased by half, with only 100,000 empty seats out of 500,000 total.

Maybe there was a rush sale of classroom chairs?”

Channel Student’s Energy to Social-Justice Projects

“Too often, students get caught in discipline loops where their daily frustration leads to destructive behavior, and zero-tolerance policies make them feel unwelcome and even more frustrated at school.”
“By unanimous vote, the entire faculty at Garfield High School in Seattle voted not to administer the MAP test of reading and mathematics.

This is the first time, to my knowledge, that the faculty of an entire school refused to give mandated tests.

The action of the Garfield High School faculty could have national ramifications because it shows other teachers that there is strength in unity and that they do not have to endure unethical demands with passivity and resignation.”

Walgreens No Bid City Contract

“City Comptroller Amer Ahmad insisted Wednesday that Walgreens’ decision to provide gift cards at schools with historically-low parental involvement was unrelated to the no-bid contract. Walgreens also contributed $500,000-to-$1 million to help defray the cost of hosting last year’s NATO Summit.”

Representative Jack Kimble Responds to Karen Lewis

“Still, my complaint isn’t that Karen Lewis is inciting violence, but that she was speaking at a labor history conference and acting like labor history was all about violent confrontations between labor and management.   Could anything be further from the truth?   Sure, there were violent trade unionists, but that was mostly from agitators and communists.  I believe a better depiction of labor history in our country comes from this 10 minute video that was made by the National Association of Manufacturers in 1940.”



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