More on 2013-2014 Calendar for Chicago Public Schools

18 Jan

ImageA huge statement from Raise Your Hand on the new school calendar,  They make a great case that they’ve done a lot more outreach to other parents than CPS has.  Should CPS be listening to them?  I got this in the email today:

Dear RYH Members,

Many of you responded to the email we sent out Friday about the unified calendar. Since then we have communicated with CPS that many parents thought that the survey questions did not give parents an opportunity to give specific enough answers to be informative. While there was no uniform point-of-view in emails we received on school start date, most said they thought the proposed stretch from winter break to spring break (the third week in April) was too long. Many parents also questioned why there wasn’t a more balanced calendar offering at least one intercession during the year.

Unfortunately, CPS has told us they won’t be making any changes and they will instead vote on the calendar next week. We had hoped they would have ensured that surveys were distributed widely to all schools.

Survey Info

Only 4653 parents and 2036 students took the survey, possibly because this was done only as an on-line survey.  

Question: Current School Calendar Track

Track E 1203
Track R 5193
Children at Both 376

CPS conducted three focus groups:

West Side FG- 29 members

South Side FG- 5 members 

North Side FG- 13 members

The calendar proposed by CPS to be voted on this Wednesday at the Board meeting (per last week’s meeting with CPS/CTU.

School Year begins: August 26 

Thanksgiving: 3 days

Winter break:  2 weeks

Spring break: 3rd week in April

End of School Year: June 10th

If you would like to provide feedback to CEO Byrd-Bennett’s office, call 773-553-1550. There are also a few spots left to speak at the Board meeting next week:

Folow us on twitter: @ilraiseyourhand

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Poor Ranking on International Test Misleading About US Student Performance,  Researcher Finds

“Socioeconomic inequality among U.S. students skews international comparisons of test scores, finds a new report released today by the Stanford Graduate School of Education and the Economic Policy Institute. When differences in countries’ social class compositions are adequately taken into account, the performance of U.S. students in relation to students in other countries improves markedly.”

“It is outrageous that UNO is slated to receive the same amount of money as the entire Chicago school district will receive, when UNO runs only 13 schools,” said Julie Woestehoff, PURE executive director. “We call on the Illinois Inspector General to investigate how this politically-connected organization is able to amass such a large amount of taxpayer dollars without accountability to the public. Certainly UNO should not receive any more money until it is clear to the public that the money is being used properly, for improved education for Chicago children and not UNO’s ambitious real estate portfolio.”  
“Dozens of youth — members of the organizing group Philadelphia Student Union — gathered outside the Philadelphia School Distirct’s headquarters on North Broad Street Tuesday to protest a plan to close 37 city schools in June.

The zombies danced for a few minutes, then collapsed in a heap.”



One Response to “More on 2013-2014 Calendar for Chicago Public Schools”

  1. markbenn March 24, 2013 at 12:26 am #

    Good to see that schools are putting more effort on 2013-14 Calendar. Well it is crucial for the students & help them a lot. In this whole calendar I like most that you have involved their parents by communication via email. I like this approach. We always see that parents are having questioned about this balanced calendar. Here is also same situation the parents are demanding at least one intercession during the year but the CPS denied their suggestion by telling that they won’t be making any changes and they will instead vote on the calendar next week. Good read.

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