Principal Evaluations: Institute Total Test Prep…Or Else

19 Jan

ImageI came across a great little PDF by the National Committee on Chinese-American Relations with advice for  hosting a Chinese teacher as part of an exchange program:

Chinese teachers generally teach two periods daily. They often prepare their lessons in groups and spend enormous amounts of time correcting exercises although the workload may vary from school to school. In their American schools, they often are asked to teach three or more classes. It will take some time for them to adjust to this workload.

American teachers are accustomed to having other duties in the school such as lunch duty, hall monitoring, and bus duty. There are no such duties in Chinese schools so your guest will be unfamiliar with them. Some Chinese teachers have found such duties demeaning. It might be helpful to explain why American teachers perform these duties and why it might be appropriate for the Chinese teacher to contribute in these areas.


Most international studies have found the American teacher among the most overworked and underpaid teachers in the world.

Rahm Emanuel gets into a fight with a reporter.  Why do people still find it hard to believe he lost his temper with Karen Lewis and cursed her out when we have all sorts of evidence of him doing it with other people?

The final CPS calendar has been released, barring the Board rejecting it LOL.  Finally, the new principal evaluation is troubling.  It sets up a revolving door for principals and forces principals to push constant test prep.  It also really subjects principals to very punitive and very poor math,

Chicago Principals Under New Scrutiny

“Chicago Public Schools announced its new plan for evaluating principals yesterday. But they didn’t give a lot of information to the people it would affect. 

“It would’ve been nice to know, ‘Well, we’re starting on it. Could you give us a few hours of your time? Could you sit in on it?’” said Clarice Berry, president of the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association. “I would love to have done that.”

Reporter Michael Hastings Says Rahm Emanuel Says Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Physically Assaulted Him

“Current TV contributor and BuzzFeed correspondent Michael Hastings plays an exclusive audio recording of a confrontation he had with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel in the midst of covering President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign. Hastings says that Emanuel, who was angry at Hastings for his coverage of Gen. Stanley McChrystal for “Rolling Stone,” grabbed Hastings by the arm.”

CPS Plans to Eliminate Year-Round Calendar

“On Friday, the district announced it has proposed a new schedule — starting next school year — that will have all schools beginning the year on Aug. 26, 2013, and ending the school year on June 10, 2014. That means the “year-round” – or Track E – calendar would be eliminated.”

Chicago Teachers Union President on Fighting with the Bosses’s Tools

“If politics consists solely of competition among elites, then the left is doomed. But if politics also means using mass power against elite institutions—as the Chicago Teachers Union did—then it might just have a fighting chance.”

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