Happy Martin Luther King Day

22 Jan

ImageSometimes I feel that Martin Luther King’s legacy gets lost as he becomes the patron saint of park benches in need of painting.   When he died, he was fighting for the rights of Memphis sanitation workers to unionize.  He knew that an injustice to one was an injustice to all, but too often it feels that we look at his legacy as being back in the day when there used to be injustice.   Look around you.  It’s still out there and if you really want to do something for Doctor King’s legacy, fight that injustice.  After that, we can pick up trash and paint.

Martin Luther King 2.0, Now with More Excellence

“No one could lead a civil rights movement like Martin Luther King Jr. But let’s face it: the movement he led was old school. The civil rights issue of our time is the achievement gap, and closing it often requires doing the opposite of what Dr. King stood for. Which raises some important questions: if Dr. King returned today would he be an achievement gaptivist? Which billionaires would fund his important work? And with poverty and racism now officially regarded as excuses, what would he talk about? Meet Martin Luther King 2.0, now with more excellence.”

CTU and Allies Fan Out at Seven Locations to Fight School Closings

“While a few people did not open their doors, others welcomed the canvassers inside their homes and spoke of their children and grandchildren attending Lewis. They emphatically said they did not want to see the school closed.”

Testing in Kindergarten:  Whatever Happened to Story Time?

“This year CPS has added a new test to the array already faced by grammar school students: the REACH. It comes on top of the TRC, the MAP, the EXPLORE, the ISAT, and DIBELS. Two of these are teacher accountability tests. Two are diagnostic. And the others are a combination of both. One way or another, they all cover the same ground. It’s good to be a standardized-test salesman.”

CPS May Still Close High Schools; No List til February of Schools Facing Action

“Byrd-Bennett also said the list of schools that could be shut down won’t be announced before the first set of community hearings on the closings. Last week, she had said the list would be published before the hearings started.”

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