Angry Parents Fight School Closings

23 Jan


Man, it’s cold out there.  One thing I hate about the longer day is that at least last year when I went out into temperatures like this, the sun was up.  Driving to school at 6:30 in the morning, I don’t think I stopped wanting to be back in my warm bed until I parked the car.  It was a rather slow news day on the education front from Chicago to Brooklyn, but Raise Your Hand was out there crusading against bad CPS math.

Ali Burke at City Hall

“So many schools across the city could tell the same story at this point. It’s like there’s a district-sponsored conspiracy against truth and accuracy. I love how the network chief kiboshed the walk-thru of Trumbull. God forbid community members have a look around the building.”

Angry Parents Knock on Mayor’s Door in Push to Save Schools

“I can’t see it at all how our school is underutilized at any point. Fifty-eight percent utilized capacity?” said Torrence Shorter in prepared remarks. “We use the whole entire school building. We have a health clinic inside our school building that we use not only for our children inside our school building, but our whole community uses that health center,” said the parent with two children at Ryerson Elementary School in Humboldt Park.

Jones Prep to Double Number of Seats

“Ignoring the wishes of many South Loop parents and their alderman, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Tuesday that the old Jones College Prep High School building will not be repurposed for a neighborhood school but instead will double the number of students allowed to test in.”

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