UNO Keeps Corruption in the Family

5 Feb


I am really dedicated to  getting this blog updated 5 times a week, but today was one of those days when it was hard to find an update.  It’s a shame because there was so much good stuff out there. 

The Sun-Times story is a rare example of actual reporting from one of our two major newspapers, but there’s also a great use about a horrible misuse of TIF funds, and it looks like Jen Dr. Jen Cheatham may have a new job in Madison, WI. 

For Insiders, Community Group UNO’s Charter Schools Pay

“More than one-fifth of the taxpayer money spent on the Soccer Academy Elementary project went to four contractors owned by family members of UNO’s political allies and a top executive of the group, records show:”

‘Asia on Argyle’ Sign Costs $260,000 in TIF Funds, Alderman’s Office Says

“For those who think the massive “Asia on Argyle” streetscape sign is a blight on Uptown, here’s something else to ponder:

The gateway sign that’s been denounced as “ugly” and “tacky” by some cost about $260,000 in tax increment finance district funds, officials said.”

First Reaction: Madison Superintendent Candidates Underwhelm Observers

“A Wisconsin State Journal story announcing the selection of Cheatham and Milton, Ph.D.s both, prompted reaction that was, well, underwhelming.

Several readers suggested that Cheatham’s association with the Chicago Public Schools is a poor reference for the job of heading up Madison’s schools.

“Oh yeah — because the Chicago schools are such beacons of great education …” said one commenter.

Another posted a link to a story describing Cheatham’s rocky showing at a community meeting on Chicago’s proposed longer school day.”









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