Matt Farmer for Mayor

8 Feb


This week, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is Matt Farmer’s world and we are simply in it.  Not only does Jen Cheatham become the lead candidate for the Madison, WI superintendent job bringing Matt’s Huffington Post piece on Cheatham to prominence, but President Obama floats a trial balloon of Penny Pritzker for Commerce Secretary.

I not only would love to see Matt Farmer run for mayor, but man, would this be a good attack ad.    In addition to the Penny Pritzker news, a CPS teacher won a lawsuit and lean production seem to be the new buzzwords.

Billionaire Tax Avoider Penny Pritzker for Commerce Spot

“A senior administration official cautioned that no announcement is imminent and that Obama has made no decision. But Pritzker is under consideration to serve as Commerce secretary or perhaps in another senior position involving relations between Obama and business leaders, according to officials close to the process who spoke anonymously to comment on internal deliberations.”


Fired CPS Teacher Wins $225K  in Discrimination Suit

“Sara Meegan was one of several black teachers who filed a lawsuit against the Chicago Board of Education and George Washington High School principal Florence Gonzales.

A jury on Monday ruled in her favor and Meegan was awarded $225,000, according to court records.”


Pilsen-Little Village Network Hearing

“”I,m going to give up if you shove me into another school,” a Madero student cries out as he walks towards Arne Rivera, Deputy Chief of Staff for Barbara Byrd-Benett. “You shouldn’t close our school, just because you didn’t experience what I experienced!” The microphone cuts off.”


Inside the Real War on Education

 “The team concept both increases stress on the workforce and creates the illusion that workers themselves are responsible for this stress. After all, the teacher teams assign themselves the work. Of course, in a lean school, teachers are never given the option to reject the team model, which generates the work; they have to choose between being a “team player” and volunteering for new tasks and responsibilities or letting down their co-workers.”


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