Tone Deaf CPS Announces 129 Schools Still on Chopping Block

14 Feb


Dictatorial edicts from the Mayor’s Office and the School Board are terrible, but even worse are show trials where parents are forced to trudge to packed church basements and high school gyms to plead for their schools.   Meanwhile, CPS officials sit comfortably in their homes knowing that the plan is already in place.  Today, CPS announced that 129 schools were still on the chopping block.  I am disgusted, but I am not surprised.  You can’t close 20% of your schools without inflicting violence on the students who attend them.  I don’t like heated rhetoric, but this is evil pure and simple.

More than 20 Percent of City Public Schools on List for Potential Closure

“Schools removed from the list still aren’t in the clear. They could end up being impacted in other ways, such as welcoming students from a closed school or being turned around, a controversial process in which the entire staff is fired but students remain.”

Charter School Backed City Councilman Booed off Stage in Chicago [VIDEO]

“After less than five minutes at the microphone, Alderman Moreno gave up and left, followed by a number of catcalls, the most memorable of which was, “Grab your skateboard and go, Joe!”  Many in the crowd were voicing their displeasure with the alderman for having gone on Fox News during the CTU strike last year and saying CTU a “conservative union”, while advocating for turnarounds and charter schools as “progressive” ideas.”

CPS Parents Call for Independent Probe of School Closings

“Making use of the Lincoln’s Birthday holiday for Chicago Public Schools, Parents 4 Teachers and other local community groups called a news conference to ask for the state attorney general and CPS’ own inspector general to trace charges of conflicts of interest, misleading the public, civil-rights violations and employee misconduct.”

Some Aldermen Want Charter School Moratorium

“”It’s just common sense,” said Ald. Matt O’Shea, one of the resolution’s sponsors. “Why would you add more seats when we reportedly have 100,000 excess seats in Chicago Public Schools?”

One Response to “Tone Deaf CPS Announces 129 Schools Still on Chopping Block”

  1. DZV February 14, 2013 at 3:02 am #

    What CPS wants is schools and classrooms packed to the gills. Right now, the school I work at is overcrowded: 36-42 kids in a room. No place for special services staff to meet, sped kids crowded into rooms split in half, 4 computers if that in a classroom. No place for a library, gym, music, or art. No place to eat lunch, have recess indoors: everyone, including the administration are juggling away. It’s not school or learning, it’s a circus act! Yes, CPS is truly putting on “the greatest show on earth”.
    Guaranteed, no one on Clark Street or anyone on the Board would even dare put their kids in our school. I really churn when I’m reminded of Emanuel telling the public that “students got the shaft” and his mission is to give the children of Chicago “a world class education”.

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