Mayor Emanuel’s Valentine for Chicago’s Students

15 Feb


I almost should name this blogs CPS Charters and Closings.   Everyday, it feels like there’s more news on these two fronts and it’s usually fairly depressing.  Tonight, I offer likes to more UNO stories and the continued fall out of the closing fiasco.

Closing Schools – The Hunger Games, Chicago Style

“The school communities that wail the loudest will be saved. The rest? Off with their heads!

Think of it as Chicago’s own version of the Hunger Games, with Mayor Emanuel in the role played by Donald Sutherland.

In the meantime, the message to any young person thinking of coming here to pursue a career in teaching is this: don’t come! Not unless you want to subject yourself to days of uncertainty as you worry if the job you have today will be around tomorrow.”

School Closings Offer Opportunities for Students to Learn a Trade

“3. Learn a Trade: I have been a fierce proponent of awarding full employment rights to all American citizens regardless of age.   If we can work to reduce child labor laws, surely these students can learn a trade.  I don’t know if Chicago has any working coal mines, but that seems like a natural.    Every year America imports billions of dollars of merchandise made by child labor.  That merchandise should be made by American children.”

Under the Bus He Goes

“As I told you the other day, the heat is really on UNO right now. Their $35 million construction grant was deleted from the mini capital bill approved by the General Assembly this month because of all the bad publicity. After dismissing questions about conflicts of interest as no big deal, the politically connected group is now apparently trying to get this matter behind them so they can eventually get that state cash…”

ROSEN: Say No to Charter Schools

“In Chicago, charter school operators claimed for years that their schools produced better performing students. In late 2011, however, state standardized achievement tests showed that only one of the nine charter school networks in the city had outperformed district averages. Six of the networks fell below average at all or a majority of their schools.”

2 Responses to “Mayor Emanuel’s Valentine for Chicago’s Students”

  1. Ann February 15, 2013 at 3:55 pm #

    The Uno grant could update how many old, beautiful buildings scheduled for closing? Only in American do we tear down and build new, less substantial buildings. What a disgrace and a waste.

    • Cindy February 17, 2013 at 5:15 pm #

      It is about educating children, not the fancy facades that UNO loves so much.

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