Decisions in a Vacuum

27 Feb


I’ve had a little push back on my complaints about full day kindergarten coming to my school.  I don’t look at full day kindergarten as evil or anything.  The problem is, to have it at our school requires something else to go.  We need 4 more classrooms.  We could lose the music room and the art room.  I think the library gets saved because we have computers in there for testing and close it for 1/4 the year already.   The other thing we can do is increase class size and have one less teacher at every grade level.  This will drive classes up from 32 to 38 per room.   Either way, we lose something and that’s what I’m not happy about.

School Closure Guide

This guide was put out a few years ago by the Broad Foundation.  It’s the basic script that CPS is following to close schools.

Aspira Charter Expanding as One School Closes

“Even as CPS announced last week that it was phasing out ASPIRA’s Mirta Ramirez Computer Science High School campus for poor performance, plans were under way to approve a new campus for the charter operator.”

Michelle Rhee: Wrong Again

“For instance, at the behest of corporate education “reformers,” more and more cities are moving to eliminate the democratic process of electing school boards, effectively telling students, parents and the larger community that republican democracy cannot be trusted to manage fundamentally public institutions. Similarly, corporate “reformers” are constantly demonizing teachers’ unions, effectively telling students and parents that the major vestige of workplace democracy in schools must be crushed.”


4 Responses to “Decisions in a Vacuum”

  1. Josh Kalov (@shua123) February 27, 2013 at 5:46 am #

    Does that mean you currently have 4 classrooms of half-day kindergarten?

    • cps299 February 27, 2013 at 2:20 pm #



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