Rahm Preaches Corporate Reform in Los Angeles

1 Mar

ImageI made a conscious decision to focus on school news local to Chicago when I started the blog.  I didn’t have the familiarly or the credibility to tackle education issues in other city, but I know Chicago very well.   Unfortunately, the war on education is a national phenomenon.  If you look at the contract that is being offered to the Philadelphia teachers, you can’t help feel a little better about what we in Chicago won by taking to the streets. 

As the hearings on school utilization continue in Chicago, our mayor is nowhere to be seen.  Instead, he’s in Los Angeles spreading a message of corporate education reform.  Yes sir, this is a national attack on public education don’t be fooled.

Rahm Emanuel, Eli Broad Featured at Los Angeles Schools Conference Pushing Corporate “School Reform”

“On the same day the Chicago Board of Education held its monthly meeting, filled with proteges of the Broad Foundation holding executive seats, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel joined Eli Broad and others in Los Angeles for what was billed as a “School Reform Summit.” Emanuel’s participation in the event was to appear on a panel discussion with the other featured “education mayors” — Newark’s Cory Booker and Los Angeles’s Antonio Villaraigosa. At Substance press time on February 28, transcripts of the conference, sponsored by the United Way of Los Angeles, were not yet available, but the program is below:”

If this is the Deal, Philly Teachers Should Strike

“he time to stop this downward spiral of bulls–t is right now — and what better place to start than Philadelphia, the city where America began. Hopefully, this contract proposal from the Philadelphia School District will die from its own ridiculouslessness, albeit after they’ve scared some good and dedicated veteran teachers out of the classroom. But if this really is the deal, Philadelphia teachers need to walk off the job. That’s right — strike. And anyone who cares about the ability of the middle class to raise a family — particularly a well-educated family — needs to stand behind them. Be inspired by what happened in Chicago, where most of the community stood behind its teachers.”

Community Press Conference Precedes Chicago Board Meeting

“Alderman Jason Ervin (28th Ward) said “Closing schools makes no sense. It’s wrong to have little kids say save our schools. We want the same things as Lincoln Park for our kids. Give kids the resources they need to be competitive. Fight for our schools and our children’s needs.”


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