Happy Test Day!!

6 Mar

ImageWell, just about every suburb had the good sense to have a snow day today even after many of them had Pulaski Day off on Monday.  Of course, in Chicago it’s a test day and given a choice between student welfare and testing, Chicago has made its priorities abundantly clear many times over. 

Waiting for the Day of Judgement from Mayor Emanuel

“On February 28, when Mayor Emanuel’s school closing show stopped by the Armitage Baptist Church in Logan Square, dozens of parents, teachers, principals, and students turned out to beg officials to “save our schools.”

In this instance, three north-side schools—Brentano, Jenner, and Manierre—were on the chopping block. But the same scene has recently played out in venues all over town as everyone looks ahead a few weeks to judgment day, when the mayor will unveil which schools he’ll spare”

CPS to Offer Black History Curriculum This Fall

“Black history will be taught in all Chicago Public Schools next school year — and not just during February.

It’s the outcome of a monthslong battle that a South Side community group has waged to bring CPS into compliance with a state law that mandates black history be taught in all public schools.”

What it means for Parents to Support Teachers

“When I talk about supporting teachers, I think about the kind of classrooms and teaching I want my children to have. I want teachers to have collaborative work environments, decent and safe work conditions, to not worry about having enough books and supplies, and to have plenty of opportunity to strengthen their professional practice. To me, parents supporting teachers means linking a vision of teaching and learning – grounded in research, study and a strategic investment of resources – with the practical, nitty gritty distribution of time, wages, and professional courtesy. It means recognizing and prioritizing the gaps and inequity you’re trying to address.”

Hit List 2013: Fullerton Network Hearing

“The “Fullerton Network” community hearing held Thursday, February 28, 2013, at Armitage Progressive Baptist Church was anything but dull. About 500 participants filled the seats with others standing around the back of the sanctuary. Three schools — Brentano, Jenner and Manierre —were each given a chance to explain why they should not be closed due to “underutilization”. Throughout the crowded sanctuary people conducted conversations about passion, commitment, organizing, heritage and determination.”






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