80 Schools Tops Says Commission

7 Mar


It always seems that when I get time to update my blog, it’s a slow news day. Today I’m really busy and naturally there are more than a half dozen stories worth reporting.  I may hold off on one or two that aren’t time sensitive. 

One thing I saw was the Bruce Rauner is making a run at Governor.   He’s one of the biggest opponents of public schools and the teachers that work there in the country and I dread the thought of an election showdown between Rauner and Quinn.  I hope there’s a sensible Republican alternative if sensible Republicans still exist.  I hope testing week is going well for you.

Committee: CPS can close or consolidate 80 schools at most

“In the end, the utilization commission made no recommendations of how many schools the district could or should close. And it based the number 80 it believes CPS could handle on how many available seats exist in “better-performing schools” — 25,000.”

Where Kids Go When Neighborhood Schools Close

“VEVEA: Well, so a lot of the neighborhood schools in those communities do have- you know, they are sort of – territorial is the best word I can kind of come up with – and, even within schools, you have – you can have warring gang factions. One of my colleagues just did the big piece with This American Life about Harper High School, in which there are many, many gangs within one school, but when you’re talking about these particular schools, in most of these communities, parents have a really strong concern about – if you close this school and you consolidate it with another building, you might be consolidating two communities that historically haven’t gotten along and you also might just be putting kids who are innocent or are not involved in much of that in a position where they might have to walk through an area that they aren’t used to going through at times of the day that they might not feel comfortable doing that.”

Chicago Public Schools Thinks 40 Students in a Class is OK

“big classes don’t necessarily hamper learning.

“It’s the quality of teaching in that classroom,” Carroll said. “You could have a teacher that is high-quality that could take 40 kids in a class and help them succeed.””

Schools Group Vents Concerns

“There is so much politics involved and parents have no voice,” she said. “My kids go to Carnegie and even with the extended school day there’s no art, music, P.E. and the kids can’t go outside to play.”

Special Needs Students a Top Priority at McNair Elementary School

“Ronald E. McNair Elementary School has about 100 students with special needs. Some West Side residents are asking, “What will happen to them if the school closes at the end of the year?”


2 Responses to “80 Schools Tops Says Commission”

  1. Elnaz Moshfeghian March 17, 2013 at 4:20 pm #

    Have you seen schoolcuts.org? It was created by a group of volunteers and it takes a closer look at each school on the preliminary closing list.

    Disclaimer: I’m one of those volunteers.

    • cps299 March 18, 2013 at 12:26 am #

      I did see it a few days ago. Excellent work and a wealth of information!

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