Gage Park Testing Boycott

10 Mar


It has been a difficult weekend.  The worst part of it has been a really nasty flu that I have managed to avoid this far, but seems to have really gotten ahold of me now.  I expect it’s the result of the students in my class who were sick last week, but made it to school so they could be there for ISAT testing.  There were a lot of stories on Friday, but I haven’t been too up on what’s happening this weekend.  The above picture is from Crispus Attucks, which CPS closed in 2008.  Won’t it be great for our school to have 100 more like this?

Chicago Students Boycott the NAEP to Demand Safety

“It wasn’t until this year that I began to feel alarmed being inside the school. I don’t like this feeling. When I walk through the halls I have to constantly watch my back. This is something I shouldn’t be feeling and this problem has a solution. No student should ever feel terror in a learning environment. We, the students, need to be heard that we fear for our safety and something should be done.”

UNO Charter Schools Allow Teachers to Join a Union

“The move represents a sharp change for UNO CEO Juan Rangel, a co-chairman of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s 2011 campaign who strongly criticized the Chicago Teachers Union for going on strike last year and ran radio ads at that time noting how the strike didn’t affect UNO’s nonunionized schools.”

Breaking News: New Group to Oppose Corporate Reform

“Today marks the public launch of a new network devoted to the defense and improvement of public education in the US. Led by renowned education historian, Diane Ravitch, the Network for Public Education will bring together grassroots activists and organizations from around the country, and endorse candidates for office, with the common goal of protecting and strengthening our public schools.”

CPS Violates Vacant Building Law

“But as CTU researchers and communications specialists survey the actual properties that CPS has vacated during the past 13 years, it is clear that the Chicago Public Schools is in violation of Chicago, Municipal Code. 13-12-125 Vacant buildings . Owner required to act. Enforcement authority.”



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