Lane Tech Blocks Student Protest

19 Mar

ImageCPS blocked the student protest at Lane Tech over the censorship of the graphic novel Persepolis.  The protest was widely publicized so it shouldn’t really be much of a surprise, but if you want to avoid the impression that censorship makes you jackbooted thugs, I have to wonder if blocking a peaceful student protest is the way to change that image.

CPS Chief Didn’t Listen at All

” Many of you legislators were at these hearing, as were numerous reporters. CEO Byrd-Bennett did not attend any of the hearings. No one who actually was there would agree with her statement. This just proves what the community has been saying all along:”

The Making of the “Other” Chicago

“Oakland won’t educate its way out of poverty and crime. Catch 22: political scientist Martin Sanchez-Jankowski, from neighboring UC Berkeley — who spent nine years in five poor New York and Los Angeles neighborhoods (and ten years before that researching street gangs) — explains in his 2008 book Cracks in the Pavement that ghetto schools don’t work mostly because students (and teachers!) don’t expect anything decent awaiting for them in the labor market, so think it hopeless to make the effort.”

Where is Rahm Emanuel’s Brain?

Does it then make sense to hold a teacher accountable for a student’s test scores if that student has a home that is “not right”? I mean, you would have to be brainless doofus to propose, for example, using test scores to evaluate teachers if you believed that if a “home is not right, nothing else in the classroom can supplement it.

R.I. Adults Took a Standardized Test and they Didn’t Like It

“We’re trying to teach students twenty-­‐first century skills— how to speak, how to use technology. That’s not what this test measures.  It’s not an accurate measurement of our students.”

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