Charter School Eyes Lincoln Square

20 Mar


Not much to write other than I really need Spring Break.   This is a crazy week for me with meetings every night and little time to catch my breath.

Charter School Company Applies for Lincoln Square Location

“Concept Schools spokesperson Salim Ucan said transforming the space into a charter school would be a $10 million project. Charter schools are independently-operated public schools. They’re largely reliant on state funding, so parents don’t pay tuition, but a board and charter sponsor oversees each school.”

Full-Day Kindergarten Will Worsen Overcrowding at Lincoln, Principal Says

“There are a lot of schools on the North Side who are having this huge problem of overcrowding, and how they are going to fit full-day kindergarten in,” Armendariz said.

For 2013-14 the offsite DePaul-owned space will be capped at students in grades four and up, but it has not been decided who will be taking class in the building, which has yet to be built out in classroom spaces.”

The Emanuel Administration Kicks Persepolis Out of Class

“It’s shameful,” she told the Tribune. “I cannot believe something like this can happen in the United States of America.”

Chicago Tonight: Controversy over Persepolis

“The Chicago Public Schools denies it banned the award-winning graphic novel Persepolis from classrooms and libraries for its depiction of torture. We have the latest on the controversy on Chicago Tonight at 7:00 pm. Read a statement from the Chicago Teachers Union about the book and view the letter sent by the Chicago Public Schools CEO to school principals about the alleged ban below.”


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