Rumors Flying that CPS will Close 50 Schools

21 Mar

ImageWe have breaking news tonight that CPS will terminate approximately 50 schools when the closings are announced later this month.  I can’t tell you how disgusted I am by this move, which will further destabilize the neighborhoods of Chicago’s South and West Sides.  I don;’t care how nice the luxury condos are in the Loop, you can’t have stay comfortably in your own little world.  Blight spreads.

CPS School Closures Could Top 50 Schools, Source Says

“A source who had discussions with Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Administration and top CPS officials said Wednesday that “50 or 55 schools, probably under 60″ are on the list to close.”

About 50 Chicago Public Schools to Face Closure: City Hall Sources

“On Tuesday, she and the ex-Marine in charge of transitioning students from closed schools to new ones said that the costs of adding improvements and supports to the new schools would be paid for within two years with savings from the closed schools. They would not yet put a dollar figure on any of the costs or savings, saying only that a “majority” of the costs would be covered in the first year.”
“I have toured many schools on the closure list and have found full and thriving buildings. Some offer wraparound services from 7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and some are open on Saturdays. Some offer unique arts programs and have attracted community partnerships for mentoring, sports and parent GED programs. Thirty-nine schools on the current list of 129 have special education cluster programs educating kids with profound disabilities. What are the costs to properly transition these students?”
“The best the Democratic majority in a Senate committee could do was advance a bill stripped of any content related to a moratorium. It gave school-closing opponents little more than the symbolic victory of keeping alive the possibility of further action this spring.”
“Our research shows that children–particularly small children–love ponies.   We also have to consider that many children will have to travel further to their receiving schools.  Also, many of these students have seen absolutely no stability in relationships they’ve formed with people” said school CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett in a press release issued shortly after midnight.”

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