Mayor Emanuel Enjoys Relaxing Ski Trip to Utah

22 Mar

ImageThey go every year at this time.   The Emanuels leave Chicago, strap on their skis, and head to beautiful Utah for a fun-filled vacation in Utah.  One of the most beautiful areas in Park City is known as Fiddler’s Hollow.  This is, of course, ironic because like Nero, Chicago’s Mayor has found a way to amuse himself while Chicago gets ready to burn.  It is easy to close schools you have never visited in neighborhoods you have never set foot in.  It’s even easier when you duck out of town and do it long distance.

Rahm on Vacation as School Closing List Links

“Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s spokesman Sarah Hamilton said the mayor takes a vacation with his family at this time every year and will be returning to Chicago on Friday.”

List: Chicago Public School, Program Closures

The Futility of Closing Schools in Chicago

Approximately 90% of the children who will lose their public school are African American.

Ironically, the decision was made public soon after the release of a report saying that school closings did not save money or help children.

Here is the report by Chicago researchers:”

Principals on School Closings: There’s Been no Planning.  Just Slash and Burn

“Berry said there has been little planning at schools that are expected to take in students whose buildings are shuttered. Principals have told her that nothing has been worked out to provide the libraries or air conditioning CPS has promised at all receiving schools.”

CTU President Karen Lewis’ Statement on School Closings

““Rahm Emanuel has become the ‘murder mayor.’ He is murdering public services. Murdering our ability to maintain public sector jobs and now he has set his sights on our public schools. But we have news for him: We don’t intend to die. This is not Detroit. We are the city of big shoulders and so we intend to put up a fight. We don’t know if we can win, but if you don’t fight, you will never win at all.”

Rahm Emanuel Losing Support in Chicago’s African-American Community

“”In any city that’s as segregated as Chicago, anytime that you destroy black schools and destroy black communities you can’t call it anything but racist,” the Executive Director of Action Now Katelyn Johnson said.”

CPS School Closings Protesters: ‘We Aren’t Going Down Like This’

“About 50 parents, mainly from the South and West sides, marched down rows of multimillion-dollar Lincoln Park houses before setting up in front of former board member Penny Prtizker’s home early Thursday afternoon. She was the last stop on the tour.”

3 Relatives of UNO Boss on Charter School Payroll

“The embattled head of one of the largest charter school operators in Chicago, the politically influential United Neighborhood Organization, has three relatives on his payroll, records obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times show.”

Yesterday, it was the Senate.  Today, the Illinois House is Killing Us

“Under the measure, current and future public employees would have to wait until age 67 or five years after retirement to begin collecting retirement benefits. State employees” annual cost-of-living adjustments would be capped at the lesser of 3 percent or $750 per year.”

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