An Avalanche of Information

25 Mar


I have never really had the time to do a regular blog.  I knew that I couldn’t afford to spend an hour or two everyday writing about the ups and downs of life in CPS, so I decided to do the easy thing and aggregate other people’s writing.  Somehow, I’ve managed to break two big national stories, but original reporting won’t be the focus of this blog.   There are a ton of great posts and information online about the school closings.  I know that I’m missing a lot.  If you see something online that adds to the conversation, please post it in the comments section.

Maps of Note: CPS’ School Closures on Chicago’s Homicide Heat Map

“Opponents to CPS’ school closure plan have framed their argument as a public safety issue as much as one of quality education. The group Radicals Against Discrimination took the list of closures and overlaid their locations on Chicago’s Homicide Heat Map. The result is shocking, yet unsurprising. (Click the image to enlarge.)”

Study: School Closings Won’t Help CPS Students

“A study by Chicago area university professors has found, if history is any guide, the Chicago Public Schools’ plan to close 53 schools will fail when all is said and done.”

School Closings: The New Apartheid

The poor children of color who either opt to stay or are forced to stay in the real public education system are now being herded into crowded, underfunded, segregated, and distant schools. It’s the new American apartheid; I don’t think P.W. Botha could have come up with a better plan…”

It’s All About the Buildings

“We live in a city that is having a little problem with shootings, violence and homelessness at a time when it is cutting services in just the right way to make all those things get a lot worse and to this mix they wish to add sixty one abandoned buildings to neighborhoods that have what could euphemistically be called enough trouble.”

The Chicago Tribune’s Phony Poll Numbers on Reform

“The most popular answer to their question about what to do about underperforming schools was “devote more resources while keeping the staff intact” (37%). The least selected answers were “close the school and transfer students to a higher-performing school” (only 6%) and “allow an experienced nonprofit to come in and run the school” (18.8%) (question 24).”

54 Chicago Public Schools to Close

“54 Chicago Public Schools are on the final closure list released today. CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett joins us on Chicago Tonight at 7:00 pm, and then we hear from parent and teacher representatives with reaction. View the full list of school closings in the PDF below.”

Low Income and Homeless Students Stand to Lose Most from CPS School Closures

““When a school, something that is supposed to be dependable, is uprooted, what stability does a low-income or homeless student really have, and how does that play on their psyche,” Malone asked.”

We’re Giving CPS a “B+” on School Action Plans

“Bottom line, while CPS is heading in the right direction, there is always room for improvement and plenty more schools to close.  Take a look! Do you agree? Because if you don’t, you obviously don’t care about the city’s children.  Isn’t it time you started caring about the city’s children?  What a selfish jerk you are.”

Mister Emanuel’s Opus

“Lafayette School is just one of 54 schools that the Chicago Public Schools are planning to close.  Lafayette’s Illinois School Report Card shows just what a colossal failure it is.  With 98% of the student population living in poverty, should they really be learning the upright bass?  Why not teach these students instruments that they could play on street corners and help their families out?  It seems to me fine arts money could be better used on more affluent students in the first place.”

Jesse Sharkey Talks Closings on Melissa Harris-Perry

A good interview on MSNBC this morning

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