The Chicago Police vs. The Sun-Times

30 Mar


I’m not a big fan of the Chicago Sun-Times or their education coverage.   They have some good reporters and I think Lauren Fitzpatrick gets things right more often than not, but make no mistake, the editorial board gives the corporate spin at all times.  They’ve had a few editorials agreeing completely with the teachers on the school closing fiasco and then concluding that it will happen anyway so the teachers should just be complacent.

However, I found it really interesting that after they described attendance at the rally against school closing as being in the thousands, the Chicago Police Department kept calling them to lower that number.  Mike Klonsky has a good description of the situation, but I heard it first hand from a Sun-Times employee last night.

I can’t tell you how disgusting it is to see the Chicago Police Department calling to try and lobby a newspaper to print a lie about something that really doesn’t even concern them that much.  Has Mayor Emanuel really co-opted the CPD to be part of his propaganda department?  It might explain why the crime statistics in Chicago are so absolutely horrible. 

Shifting the Mark: Why School Closings Are Wrong

“The Chicago Teachers Union will continue to challenge the status quo of keeping poor children poor and the purposeful and willful under-resourcing of schools. There is zero evidence that CPS has the capacity or the integrity to implement such massive changes, so stop throwing our children and neighborhoods into chaos and calling it reform.”

A Part of Us id Dying in Chicago

“By the same token, can anyone dispute that we have reason to worry about the state of our civic discourse when Chicago’s mayor, Rahm Emanuel, allows the announcement of something as contentious as 54 school closings while he is on a ski trip in Utah? And can anyone blame local community leaders who wonder what to think of the Mayor’s plan to hold additional hearings on the issue? “If nobody is going to be heard at the hearings, what’s the use of having the hearings?” said Marshall Hatch, a local pastor. “If it’s a done deal, then stop wasting everybody’s time.”

State Investigating $98 Million Grant for UNO

“A conflict of interest exists if a grantee’s officers, directors, agents, employees and family members use their position for a purpose that is, or gives the appearance of, being motivated by a desire for a private gain, financial or nonfinancial, for themselves or others, particularly those with whom they have family, business or other ties.”

Shocking Rahm’s Shock Doctrine

“You see why Chicago teachers are angry. And why they’re not going away. And why they promise more civil disobedience. “So lemme tell you what you’re gonna do,” shouted Karen Lewis at the rally. “On the first day of school, you show up at your real school! You show up at your real school! Don’t let these people take your schools.” They just might. They’ve beat Rahm before. They could beat him again.”

Thousands Promise Protests Against School Closings Will Escalate

““Today our jobs are at risks, our jobs are more important, our children and our schools are important. GEM- Grass Roots Education Movement had a parent from May Elementary School speak. “I don’t care about what lies are coming out of our Mayor’s mouth. This fight is bigger than Chicago Public Schools. Public Schools should be Public Schools. All over the country they have been closing schools. Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, You came with a hand shake , we’re going to send you out with a boot.”


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