Mystery Bureacrat Leaves Philadelphia for Chicago

2 Apr

Doresah Ford-Bey just resigned as the head of Philadelphia’s charter schools, or as they like to call them Renaissance schools.   She completed a Broad fellowship like JC Brizard did, which is not a good thing.  Her reason for resigning?  She said, “I was presented with an opportunity I could not turn down,” with the Chicago Public Schools?   What will she be doing?  I don’t know, but I do know that we’ve been drawing 18 month wonders for a few years now.  In a year and a half she will probably be running another school district somewhere.

Urban Prep was in the news again for their 100% college acceptance rate.  I hate the way they’re held up as a shining example, but on the other hand I am proud of any young men who can overcome obstacles to succeed.  I find that reporters tend to cover this story every year without any analysis or without bothering to look at the many students who are counseled out before reaching senior year and that bothers me.

3 years have now passed since the first class at Urban Prep graduated in 2010.   We really should be able to see if the 107 young men that graduated that year are on pace to graduate after 3 years of college.  I would think a reporter with some gumption could tell us how these kids are doing.  In about 15 minutes today, I found the name of 8 graduates from that first Urban Prep class, but I wasn’t unable to find anything very recent about the students.  One student was a great track athlete as a freshman and another seemed to be doing well at the beginning of his sophomore year at Fisk in Tennessee, but the trail goes cold there.  If anybody knows any of these alumni, how are they doing?

For the Tribune’s Eric Zorn, Calling Racism Racism is just a Bargaining Gambit

“Sleeping through the story about book banning is one thing. Missing a chance to mock people who speak against racism?

Zorn’s not putting that off until tomorrow. He’s a reporter on the job, a man on a mission.”

Standardized Testing Overkill at CPS

“A CPS spokesperson acknowledged to me that parents could opt their children out of tests, but then added in a written statement: “We encourage parents to fully understand the purpose of each assessment and the role that it plays in helping teachers and principals provide targeted academic supports to each student based on their individual needs. . . . Assessment is not the only tool but it is a critical one.””

Welcome Back from Spring Break, CPS Teachers!

“Any way you look at it, the mayor’s making hundreds and hundreds of you reapply for your jobs. It’s all part of his plan to woo the best and brightest teachers to come teach in Chicago so they can get fired.”

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