She’s Like a Byrd….She Doesn’t Know Where Her Home Is

9 Apr


We have a little more information on the flap about Barbara Byrd-Bennett living in Cleveland.   It’s pretty obvious that she was brought here for one reason and one reason only.  When that reason (closing schools) is over, her tenure as CEO will be also,  Today was a slow news day.  I having a feeling things will pick up tomorrow.

Black Students Overwhelmingly Affected by Chicago Public Schools’ Proposed Closings

“Chicago has the distinction of being “the most racially segregated city in the country”, according to Census data analyzed by the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research. The highly segregated city has lost 17 percent of its Black population—or about 181,000 people—between the years 2000 and 2010.”

Rahm Running Chicago Schools from Cleveland

“But if her choice of residences and her voter registration are any guide to what she really feels, her heart is still in Ohio, not in Illinois or Chicago. As of April 2013, she is a registered voter in Ohio, where she has an opulent home in suburban Cleveland, the city where her controversial financial practices as school chief were questioned years ago.”

Chicago Schools Fight Closure as Push for Charter Schools

 “When you see the numbers its one thing. But when you actually see the child it’s quite different,” says Katie Osgood, a teacher at a psychiatric hospital in the city. “A lot of them already come quite chaotic home lives. The children I work with can’t be in a large noisy classroom. They need space to be by themselves.”

“If you have any questions call 3-1-1,” CPS Representatives Told the Audience

“Chicago Teachers Union organizer, Kathy Murray, reported that her own radar went up when she heard of this proposed CPS change; she had worked as a teacher at Songhai, then Scanlon, 19 years ago, and the neighborhood had such issues back then. She spoke of an incident in 2002 in which at dismissal Songhai students had to run back into the building, and the building was put on lockdown until 5PM due to Curtis kids who came over to beat them up. She commented that the city couldn’t do anything about vacant houses, couldn’t close down crack houses, but they could close schools.”


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