A Sad Day for Us All

16 Apr

I was shocked to hear about the Boston Marathon today and while it didn’t affect me personally, I have several marathon running friends and friends in Boston who watched the race somewhere else.  I don’t want to compare this to the closings on the West Side of Chicago, but I do know how hard it was for me to concentrate on things like blogging after hearing of the carnage, I can only imagine what it’s like to live in a war zone where deaths are commonplace and you know the people involved.

As a country, I hope we pull together and don’t start searching for a target to blame whether it’s a middle eastern terrorist or a right wing home grown anti-tax terrorist.

Core Launches Election Campaign

“Now, in 2013, the CORE incumbents are facing a coalition composed of the two former adversaries, Deborah Lynch’s PACT people and the remnants of the UPC (Marilyn Stewart is retired and not active). The new group, calling itself the “Coalition To Save Our Union” is headed by two former UPC stalwarts (Tonya Saunders Wolffe and Mark Ochoa) and two people from PACT (Mary Ellen Sanchez and Kelly McFarlene). Sharkey reminded those at the Haymarket that they will have to work very hard between now and election day to ensure that the history doesn’t again repeat itself.”

Mom Uses ‘Raise Your Hand’ to Slap Back at CPS

“”I feel that I’m one of the only people who’s had access to a lot of these building,” she continued. “I love going on the walk-throughs. As disappointing as this process is, it’s important to continue to shed light. Now’s not the time to quit.”

Alternative Certified Teachers Profile…Bonnie Kohler

“However, imagine my surprise when we got back our test scores that first year and I learned that my students improved their test scores by 150 percent.  In fact, our whole school’s test scores went through the roof.  The assistant principal and my mentor assured me that they went through all my student’s tests after school one Friday and that they could tell the kids did great and that my increases were legitimate.  They also said, I shouldn’t ask any questions abut it for some reason.”

California Democrats Take Aim at Efforts to Overhaul Education

“State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson criticized the same groups by name, saying they do not “lift a finger to prevent the cuts to education.”

“In my book, you’re not a reformer, you’re not helping education and you’re sure not much of a Democrat,” he said.”

North Side Mom Fights to Save Trumbull Elementary School from Closing by CPS

“This is what a 54 percent utilized school looks like,” Ali Burke said Friday morning as she walked through the North Side’s Trumbull Elementary School, fated thus far for closing by summertime.”

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