CPS Breaks Promise at IB Schools

18 Apr

ImageI wasn’t going to make a blog post tonight, but as I saw information coming to me through social media, I felt compelled.   After promising the teachers at 4 schools where wall to wall IB programs will be put in place next year that they could keep their jobs, today CPS went back on their word.

One CPS teacher who works at one of the schools explained it this way, “one of the teachers who is being fired for not being a “good fit” is a National Board Certified, Golden Apple, S.T.E.M. teacher. She happens to be a tenured teacher with wonderful adult children. At this school, FOUR S.T.E.M. teachers who are over the age of 40 or 50 are being fired because they are not a “good fit” for the National Board. Never-mind that one of these teachers is currently already listed as an IB instructor, and has been for the past SIX years. Age Discrimination is illegal. And, when you target highly qualified employees, you look really stupid.”

Another teacher said, “Working for CPS is like playing a game with a 5 year old….at any given point in time, they will shout “NEW RULE!!!!! NEW RULE!!!”

Read the full story at Substance.  I’ll try and have more up tomorrow.

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