I’m Alarmed that They’re Alarmed about Koch Brothers

23 Apr


The IEA is very alarmed that the Tribune could be bought by the Koch Brothers.  The IEA on their blog says, “Fairness is all we can ask from the Trib. But if the Koch brothers come to town, do you think we’ll see fairness?”

I can’t express how shocking it is to see that a teachers union believes that the Tribune has been fair to educators or to labor. Now the IEA is the suburban and downstate teachers union, but sometimes I can’t help but be thrilled, I am represented by the current CTU leadership.  I am still dumbstruck by that blog.

The Industrial Classroom

“There’s a special resemblance between the struggles against scientific management, or Taylorism, and today’s teacher resistance to corporate reform schemes. Just as factory workers fought top-down dictates, deskilling, and the installation of anemic work processes, so too are teachers trying to prevent the undemocratic implementation of high-stakes testing and merit pay, assaults on professionalism, and the dumbing down and narrowing of curricula.”

Billionaire Dan Loeb Turtles, Flees Investor Conference After Political Affiliations Exposed

:”In the age of Citizens United, it’s going to become more and more important for ordinary people everywhere to find out if their tax dollars or their retirement money is being used to fund political lobbying against their own interests. There are, after all, lots of people on Wall Street with obnoxious political interests who want to get their hands on your union or state retirement money, your federal social security benefits (just think of how screwed we’d all be now if they’d privatized Social Security before 2008), and, through bailouts, your tax dollars.”

Insider Got Bigger Payout from Clout-Heavy Hispanic Group UNO

“Weeks after Federico “Fred” d’Escoto stepped down from the board of the United Neighborhood Organization, his company, d’Escoto Inc., got its first check from the influential charter-school operator toward what now totals more than $1.8 million in state-funded payments.”
:”As many as nine elementary schools would exceed 100 percent capacity if every closure and consolidation is approved by the Board of Education next month, an analysis by DNAinfo.com Chicago shows. CPS classifies schools with 30 students per homeroom as being at 100 percent capacity.”
“Uptown — Residents plan to protest the 46th Ward Zoning and Development Committee meeting Monday night in opposition of a $230 million proposal to build luxury housing in a tax increment finance district by the lakefront.”
“We really believe that collectively, we can more effectively advocate for our kids and our families and our communities,” said eighth grade teacher Jessica Hanzlik.”

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