Contractor Says CPS Plan is “Insane”

24 Apr

Today I had the pleasure of discussing the school closings with one of the people bidding for improvements to the receiving schools in this closing fiasco.  He’s very much a neutral party in city politics, but he thinks Rahm is crazy.   You see, they’ve divided up the receiving schools into 17 biddable jobs by bundling schools together.  Some of the bundles may have 2 schools and some may have 6.  Each bundle has a budget of $12,000,000.  No plans have been drawn up and no estimates have been figured, but CPS is setting a budget of $12,000,000 for each of the bundles and will not go over.  The contractors will then have 12 weeks to spend the $12,000,000 completing the upgrades.   He basically called it insanity and said that he’s worried he’s going to be on the news if one of the accounts his company is bidding on isn’t finished in time for the start of the school year.  Nice to know that teachers aren’t the only ones who think CPS is insane.

Legislators Begin the Heavy Lifting

“Generally, the bill would require the school board of all school districts which are in the lowest 5% of school districts in student performance, and have been in academic watch status for at least three years, to apply for and achieve full accreditation by a (yet unnamed) national organization, or be removed from office by the ISBE. Upon removal from office, the ISBE would appoint an “Independent Authority” to take over all functions of the school board.”

Labor Beat Video on Manierre Elementary School

“They came to declare that they were not about to give up, and, in the words of Cynthia Tate,”on September of 2013 our kids will go to Manierre. We don’t care about what you say. These are our children. We would not put their lives or others in danger. On the first day of school, our children will attend Manierre School.” Sharise McDaniel backed her up: “Our children will attend George Manierre School. We’re not leaving, and that’s what we say.”

Henry Bienen on the Ups and Downs of Serving on the CPS Board

“Absolutely. I didn’t know him when he was a student at Northwestern; I was still at Princeton. But yes, I visited him when he was in the White house during the Clinton years. Of course I went to see him; it’s good to have a friend in the White House. I saw him when he was a congressman and when he was chief of staff in Obama White House…. After I retired, Mayor Emanuel put me on his transition team [on the Economic Development and Planning Committee]. And, yes he is a social friend.”

Product Placement on Standardized Tests: A New Low?

“For the root beer, they show you a waitress cleaning a table and the root beer fell on the floor and she forgets to clean it up. Underneath, they gave you the definition that it is a soda and then the trademark,” said Marco Salas, an eighth-grader at the Forest Hills middle school.”

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