I’ve always hated Teacher Appreciation Week

6 May


I’ve always hated Teacher Appreciation Week.  I hate the way that large corporations like Exxon will use platitudes to make it look like they’re behind us 100% and hope to thereby soften their image and make people feel good about supporting their business.   Anytime I hear, “do you think good teachers should be paid more?”  I reflexively answer “Hell no!”  because I figure it’s some sort of education reform scheme worded as teacher appreciation.

I’m not complaining too much because we don’t get the useless platitudes from people making our lives difficult nearly as often as soldiers.  Man, they’re so beloved when their sent off to some godforsaken country half way around the world  — not so much when it’s time to fund the VA hospitals.

I used to get 2 teacher appreciation certificates from Arne Duncan.  One went to my correctly spelled name and one went to an incorrectly spelled version of my name.  It made me feel extra appreciated.  The state is trying to end any semblance of a dignified retirement for us, the city is looking for any excuse to terminate us.   Anyway, Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

UNO CEO Juan Rangel Must Step Down from the Public Building Commission

“UNO operates under $67,800,000 in outstanding debt. The $98 million state gift cannot be used to pay back this debt because it has been earmarked for capital projects, namely building or improving schools.  The only way to keep the UNO patronage train rolling is by continuously expanding and opening schools, with construction contractors serving as potential allies come election time.”

Michelle Obama: Chicago Students Worried “About Their Own Death”

“”I mean every single kid worries about their own death, or the death of someone, every single day,” she said. “What’s our obligation to these kids? We do have one.””

Lincoln Park High School Students Walk Out in Support of Fired Teachers

“Nearly the entire school walked out, except for about three or four students per class, according to those at the protest. The school has nearly 2,000 students.”

Confessions of a CPS Parent Who Doesn’t Have Arne Duncan on Speed Dial

“But Mr. Rauner is a millionaire from Winnetka, able to buy a condo in Chicago to establish residency within the city limits. My wife and I work in the nonprofit sector, and our single residence is in a working-class neighborhood with a ZIP code beginning “606.” Based on geography, our children would not be slated to attend New Trier, as Mr. Rauner’s would. It goes without saying that we are in no position to purchase or rent a second home to make this possible. It is also worth emphasizing that a person of Mr. Rauner’s means could pay private school tuition with the swipe of his debit card — an option beyond the reach of most of us.”

Chicago Charter School: EPA Toxic Site

“What is even more disturbing to the fact the site of a future school is labeled as toxic. Is the fact that there are at least 3 dozen sites within a one mile radius of the future charter school that are also label toxic by this environmental assessment. In a zoning hearing held just a few days earlier the public was reassured by Alderman Cardenas that this site was safe for children. Both Alderman Cardenas and Salim Ucan, vice president of Concept Charter Schools that all the proper procedures and studies were followed to secure this location as a school for over 400 K-8 students by September 2013.”

Wall to Wall IB Is Another Example of Emanuel Administration’s Nonsense

“One of the ironies of the current (and growing) controversy over whether several high school principals in Chicago should be allowed to fire experienced teachers under the pretext of selecting them for a so-called “Wall-to-wall IB” program is that no such thing exists. Despite the fact that principals at Lincoln Park, Clemente, Senn, and Hyde Park high schools have tried to utilize the pretext of “Wall to wall IB” selection to replace veteran teachers, not one of the principals would be able to explain just how a program calling itself “IB” can exist “wall to wall” at any high school in Chicago. By definition, the IB program is extremely rigorous and highly selective.”

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