Dirty Tricks in CTU Campaign

14 May

ImageI just got off the phone with a friend of mine who was not happy about what happened at his school today.  He said that he got a call from CORE on Sunday that they wanted to bring somebody out to the school to speak.   Sunday night he set it up with the principal, he put up posters, and informed teachers.   He arrived early at his school to meet the CORE representative.

He was surprised to see Tanya Saunders-Wolff and Mark Ochoa walk in the front door looking for the union meeting.   They told the clerks in the office that they set it up in advance, which was a lie.  The delegate was unable to come to the meeting because she had another conflict in the morning.  However, she approached the representatives of the Salvation Caucus and told them that there was a CORE meeting today, but that she’d be happy to schedule them for later in the week.

They weren’t happy, but then the CORE representative told them that they could attend the CORE meeting.  The delegate said that would be wonderful, but that she didn’t want a debate.  The CORE representative would speak first and then the Salvation candidate.  Supposedly, things went smoothly at first, but soon developed into a shouting match after some serious false accusations by the Salvation Caucus that my friend had direct knowledge was untrue.

I don’t know what Saunders-Wolff and Ochoa believed they would accomplish with that behavior, but it definitely strengthens my confidence in voting against them.

Barbara Byrd Bennett Scandals Continue

“The Cleveland investigation “triggered extensive firings, $4,000,000 worth of cost savings, the repayment of $729,000 in ill-gotten state transportation funding, a criminal indictment, an outside performance audit, an Ohio Department of Education investigation, and the hiring of a private firm to reform the management of the transportation department. During the course of this investigation, Cleveland voters overwhelmingly defeated two school levies. CEO Byrd Bennett ultimately announced her resignation.”

Chicago Teachers Union to Ramp Up Protests Against School Closings

“The bigger picture here is the safety of the children,” Fortè said. “There are over 11,000 homeless students that are in these schools. When you close these schools that are safe havens for our children, how do they get to school?”

Mayor Emanuel’s FOIA Policy: Don’t Ask Because We Won’t Tell

“Krell figured CPS had done research on the longer school day because, like every parent in the system, he’d received a letter from Jean-Claude Brizard, then the CEO, claiming that “our elementary school students are receiving 22 percent less instruction time than their peers across the country.” So he sent CPS a FOIA request asking for “the reports, statistics, comprehensive city-by-city analysis and other documents that back up the statement by Mr. Brizard.”

Why I Boycotted the Prairie State Test

“Under so much pressure to raise its Prairie State test scores, the administration tried to take advantage of the promotion policy and demote a third of the junior class, just to keep us from taking the test and bringing down the school’s scores. I was having challenges at school but the last thing I would have expected is that my school system would demote me instead of supporting me.”

It’s About the Kids

Rangel: Hello. And thank you for taking the time to speak with me today about the kids.
Levy: While I am very busy, I can always make time to talk about the kids because, as I like to say, it’s all about the kids.
Rangel: Would you like to hear about the various ways that UNO is *crushing* the achievement gap and putting kids on a path to 21st century skills and prosperity?
Levy: Boy, would I! I am investing in the future of minority kids in Chicago because I dream of a day when the financial services sector will not be dominated by the children of prosperous white people.”

Could Cash for DePaul Arena be Coming Out of Public School Funding?

“Word leaking out of City Hall indicates that a big chunk of the financing for a new DePaul arena would come from the pot of cash that robs millions from public schools.  This would be very controversial because Emanuel is on the point of closing 54 schools.”


3 Responses to “Dirty Tricks in CTU Campaign”

  1. Zeta Naptali May 15, 2013 at 4:59 am #

    I know the CORE babies are not whining about how dirty people are. They are the masters of dirt slinging and disrespecting veteran teachers who have paid their dues for years only to be undermined by the kids running the CTU. Tanya is a veteran African American teachers who is not teaching at selective enrollment school. She represents the countless of African American teachers at closing schools who have lost their jobs under the insensitive CORE bullies.

    • cps299 May 15, 2013 at 12:25 pm #

      Thanks for doing such a great job of advocating for The Salvation Caucus’s vision for the future of our union.


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    […] by two brothers of Miguel d’Escoto, a top executive of the politically well-connected group. Dirty Tricks in CTU Campaign CPS Chatter: I just got off the phone with a friend of mine who was not happy about what happened […]

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