We’re Going to Have to Fight Rahm Again

14 May

ImageRahm Emanuel announced today that he would be running for reelection.   There’s no surprise here.   Chicago may not want him back for another term as Chicago’s Mayor, but Hollywood does.  He’s got deep pockets and there’s going to be a few more fights along the way if we’re ever going to dump the creep:

1.  The next teacher contract, which will be negotiated right before the election

2. The election itself where CTU mobilizing may change the election for the whole city

3. The next 4 years in the event Rahm does actually win


With the union election this Friday, teachers need to decide who they feel most comfortable with to do the organizing and fighting that will be necessary to counter Mayor Emanuel and hopefully help remove him from office.   For me, it’s definitely CORE.   For you, it may be somebody else, but I really hope not.

Rahm Emanuel to Seek 2nd Term as Chicago’s Mayor

“He acknowledged the political risk of his plan to close 54 city schools. He says there’s also a risk of reputation for Chicago’s schools if things don’t improve.”

UNO Charter-School Scandal has Wall Street Worried

“Now under investigation by two state agencies, the United Neighborhood Organization is also facing tough questions on Wall Street from investors who lent tens of millions of dollars to help pay for the rapid expansion of UNO’s charter-school network.”

Firefighters Ordered to Provide Safe Passage for Schoolkids

“Now, NBC5 Investigates has learned that Chicago firefighters have been quietly ordered to join in staffing those routes beginning on the first day of school August 26 and continuing for the first three weeks of the school year.”

Kim Bowsky and Drew Heiserman Challenge Tribune’s Support for Coalition to Save Our Schools

“Saunders-Wolffe has the right to opine as a citizen about any issue she wishes. The Tribune publishes what it wants. I call into question why the interests that run the paper have published her appeal but refuse to research the claims of representatives of the Coalition to Save Our Union to give a “fair and balanced” report to its patrons.”

Indiana Halts Common Core Implementation

“There is a range of criticism about the core. Some argue that many of the standards were not well written, while others are concerned that it removes local input from what teachers should teach.”

One Response to “We’re Going to Have to Fight Rahm Again”

  1. Dienne May 14, 2013 at 10:29 am #

    Firefighters? For real? What will it take before Chicago wakes up and ousts Rahm, bodily if necessary? But, hey, if things get out of hand, I guess they could always turn the firehoses on ’em – it worked for Bull Connor.

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