Giving Rahm a Week to Remember

20 May

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This week has been insane.  In my personal life, in my social life, and in my career I am facing a ridiculous number of challenges this week, but there’s also some real coming out of it.  I am reminded of A Christmas Carol, where a miserly old skinflint who cares more about money than about people learns an important lesson about what’s really important in life and changes his ways.  I am hoping that this will be a week like that for Rahm Emanuel.

The Ghost of Education Past is none other than Karen Lewis and the entire CORE caucus.  Rahm’s poll numbers may have been damaged by his attacks on the teachers, but Karen was reelected with a resounding 80% of the CTU vote.   CORE isn’t going away for the rest of your term and hopefully, it will be your only term.   The teachers are unified and they will fight you.

The Ghosts of Education Present is the old fashioned long march that CTU has organized through the streets of Chicago.   Even the corporate media is starting to get the message.  As the marchers make their way down the streets of this city, they’re being greeted with signs of support and some people are leaving their homes to join the marchers.

The Ghosts of Education Future Tomorrow students across this city are organizing a boycott to protest what Rahm is doing to them.   All this activism is making it’s way down to a new generation, but as has been pointed out before, the youth always lead the change in CPS.

Tomorrow at 4PM at Daley Plaza all the marches will meet up with a good deal of the boycotters.  Already, CPS has begun sending out emails and robocalls to parents warning them of the dangers of letting their students participate,   This will be a historic moment and every voice needs to be heard.  If you can make it, please be there to give your support to these schools facing termination.

WBEZ Fact Checks Chicago School Closings

“CPS says 30,000 children will be impacted by school closings. But the district’s plan  actually  will touch more than 46,000 children. A WBEZ analysis shows that if the 54 proposed school closings, 6 turnarounds and 11 co-locations are approved by the Board of Education, 46,147 current students at 132 schools will be affected.”

Toni Preckwinkle Rips Emanuel, Says CPS Closure Plan Weakens our Public Schools

“What was the point of having public hearings?” Preckwinkle said during a 20-minute interview in her office. “Was it all a charade? If you weren’t going to pay any attention to the outcome of the public hearings or the recommendations of the public hearing officers, why would you bother to waste everyone’s time?”

Special Report: CPS Closings Create School Zone, Danger Zone

“His current school, Yale, is enveloped by homes and an adjoining playground.

At Harvard, though, the neighborhood near the school boasts a liquor store attracting the sort of men early in the morning that no parent wants children to encounter while walking to school.

Lately, parents and a crossing guard say, there’s been a man exposing himself to students across from Harvard school.”

Karen Lewis and CORE slate Re-elected in Landslide

“The vote count as of ten p.m. showed a victory margin of nearly 80 percent for CORE versus the other group, which called itself the “Coalition To Save Our Union”. The vote for president with 99 percent of the votes tallied was 12,316 to 3,291.”

CPS School Closings: Opponents Begin Three-Day March Against Closures

“”We can’t sit still,” said Michelle Gunderson, a teacher at Nettelhorst Elementary School in Lakeview and a vocal opponent of the closures. “It helps people visualize where these schools are. It helps give people a vision of what these schools mean to their communities.”


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