I Feel Like I’m Living in a Dystopian Movie

21 May

Image2012 – Rahm Emanuel shuts down the mental health clinics

2013 – Rahm Emanuel closes the schools

2015 – Newly reelected Mayor Emanuel announces that he will be removing all public services from the South and West sides of the city in a cost cutting move

2016 – After bands of teens raid downtown shops and restaurants, Mayor Emanuel announces the construction of a large wall to keep resides of Chicago’s poorer neighborhoods from coming to the more well to do sections of the city.

2017 – Mayor Emanuel begins using red light cameras and drone technology to beef up security in the no man’s land of South Chicago

Will it get to this?  Probably not, but it sure seems like the beginning of some horrible science fiction action flick like Escape from New York or the French movie District 13.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned from watching this kind of film, there’s always that moment when people say, “if only we had fought him earlier”.   Please, let’s not say that.

CPS Limits Coverage from Closing Schools

“Since the recommended list of closures was announced in March, the city has been in a heated debate about whether some schools should be taken off the list. Media access to these buildings has been almost impossible, and some worry decisions will be made without a thorough inspection.”

Chicago Teachers Union Overwhelmingly Re-Elects Karen Lewis’s CORE Caucus

“The CTU will likely continue to serve as an example for such unionism. Fittingly, there was little time for union leadership to savor their re-election victory: just a few hours after the election results came in, the union was leading a three-day march to each of the fifty-four schools slated for closure throughout the city, culminating in a mass rally in downtown Chicago today at rush hour. Outside Bannecker Elementary, one of the schools slated for closure in the Englewood neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side, CTU President Karen Lewis told me she feels optimistic about the prospect of such unionism spreading”

As Closings Near, Questions Remain on Money, Academics, Safety

““My son is upset,” she says. Miranda’s son has a disability that includes learning and speech difficulties and she’s afraid that he will simply “shut down” if he has to transfer to a new school.”

Serial Trespasser’s Arrest Brings Union Election Results into Doubt

“I think we all must ask themselves what is a teacher like this going to teach students besides how to do their own prison tattoos (Mayle apparently has several), how to make a shank, or ferment their own Pruno from CPS orange juice and ketchup packets.  Sadly, this is not even the only criminal CTU member.  They have an organizer who loves to assault reporters by ridiculing their underdeveloped male equipment.   For shame CTU.  For Shame.”

CPS School Closings: Protestors Block Elevators, Rally Outside

“”We are not going down without a fight,” said Asean Johnson, a 9-year-old third-grader at Marcus Garvey Elementary School who rallied the crowd at Daley Plaza with cries for student safety while speaking atop a folding chair placed at the lectern.”

Special Episode of  At the Chalk Face from the CPS March

“If few in the mainstream will cover the CPS marches and rallies, we will. So, we’re going to be joined by Chicago teacher and activist Joshua Marburger live from events in the Windy City.

We’re on 5PM EST or 4PM Chicago Time. Join us. Chat’s open, livetweet @thechalkface, using the hashtag #cpsclosings.”


2 Responses to “I Feel Like I’m Living in a Dystopian Movie”

  1. Dienne May 21, 2013 at 10:46 am #

    “2015 – Newly reelected Mayor Emanuel announces that he will be removing all public services from the South and West sides of the city in a cost cutting move”

    Oh, I dunno, I think by 2015, Emanuel fully intends that there won’t be any of those pesky poor people – especially poor people of color – left on the South or West Sides. By 2017 he intends those areas to look like what most of the former Cabrini Green looks like today (and as soon as he gets rid of Manierre and Near North, the rest of Cabrini Green can look like that too).

  2. dkzody May 27, 2013 at 6:40 pm #

    Or, he could do like the mayor in Fresno is doing, selling the garbage collections services to a private company. Our mayor says this is the only way to save police and fire which you know will be cut more in the coming days. Fortunately, for Fresno, the schools aren’t managed by the city or the mayor would probably sell them to private companies, too. She, herself, a product of a private school.

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