Walking the Tightrope

27 May

ImageOne problem with writing a blog on CPS is that so much of the news that I consider necessary is undeniably negative.   We’ve all been very focused on the school closings and I don’t for a second intend to ignore the schools as they try to fight for survival even while their students have to register elsewhere.  However, I’m also going to try to find some more positive stories and stories about things other than the closings.  However, let’s face it, it’s what everybody’s talking about and with good reason. 

CPS 9 Year Old 1, Rahm 0

“Consider Derrick Blakley’s gullible “report” in which he repeats CPS assertions without vetting, including:

* “With CPS planning to close and consolidate many half-empty schools to help eliminate a projected $1 billion deficit, one of the two nearby schools had to go, and CPS brass targeted Garvey.”

Jersey Jazzman Shows the Love for the Indomitable Karen Lewis

“She is a larger than life figure who is not only unbossed and unbought, but unbeaten. (I am paraphrasing Shirley Chisholm here, the first black woman to run for President).

Karen explains the importance of collaborating with parents and local communities.”

The Day They Closed My School

“I live in Chicago, and one of the 50 neighborhood schools slated to close is an excellent school named Miriam Canter Middle School. I like to think I came into the process with an open mind– I’m not averse to school closing, if necessary–but I was so disgusted with the town hall meeting that I made a very short video concerning the process.”

All In: Emanuel Closes 50 Public Schools

“Chicago Public Schools announced Wednesday the largest school closing in the history of the country, because Rahm Emanuel claims the city is too broke to keep them open. Chris Hayes and an Up Panel discuss what this means – both for education in Chicago, and the students that count on it.”

Smiley and West – Karen Lewis, Chicago Teachers Union

“Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis critiques the largest school closing plan in U.S. history, approved this week by the Chicago school board. “

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  1. arlenegloria May 27, 2013 at 4:28 am #

    Thanks for putting me on to Jersey Jazzman – Arlene

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