Happy Memorial Day

28 May

extralargeThe evolution of Memorial Day to Veterans Day with barbecue bothers me.   While I never was a member of the military, I’ve had many family members who did.  On the other hand, none of my direct relatives ever died in their service to our nation, though one was seriously injured for most of his life as a result of a wound suffered preparing to go to Italy in World War II.  This isn’t their holiday.  Veterans have their day.   Today, is a day to remember those who fought and gave the ultimate sacrifice.  I think this should be the day that all of us who didn’t serve, remember just how steep the price of war is, before we support military action as anything, but an absolute last resort.

Paper Mache Schools ‘Protest’ Hits Millennium Park

“It’s a non-protest protest, just very chill,” said event organizer Ellen Gradman, a visual artist and teacher of 30 years.

Gradman’s influence as an artist could be seen in the laid-back event — paper mache flowers and art supplies were part of an program that also featured communal discussions focused on how kids felt about their schools closing.

“It’s a time for us to breathe. A time to just be with our kids,” Gradman said.”

Are We Becoming Like the City of Chicago

“As hard as educational leaders and teachers are working in the city’s public school, the future for Chicago Public School and many of its students does not look bright. In 2013, Chicago public schools are more de facto segregated by race and social-economic status than ever before with approximately 80 percent of the city’s white middle and upper class students in private schools. Most Chicago children live in poor neighborhoods and attend schools in these poor neighborhoods and are likely to have few friends from classes and races different from their own.”

Parents Paid to Circulate Propaganda for ‘Won’t Back Down!’

Alfonso’s telling everybody’s ‘you’re going to have luxurious houses, drive fancy cars and live the kind of life you’ve always wanted,'” Morales said. “Around late October, they came back and said the movie didn’t make that much and backed out of the deal.”

NBC Nightly News Online Report on CPS Closings

“Raise Your Hand helped to coordinate interviews for a piece on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams last week. Unfortunately, the story was bumped twice and ended up online only.”

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  1. arlenegloria May 28, 2013 at 3:03 am #

    Please help me locate the “SUBSCRIBE” link. I want to forward your blog and suggest people subscribe. The link at the bottom allows me to change preferences but it is specific to me. Thanks if you can advise.

    • cps299 May 29, 2013 at 1:34 am #

      I believe the easiest way to do it is the Follow Blog button at the top of the page. There are also links to subscribe using RSS there too.

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