UNO and Green Dot, Meet Ethics

29 May

ImageThe Tribune recently had an editorial entitled UNO Meet Green Dot.   While the editorial showed up on Google as being written today, the byline listed the date as May 13th.  Evidently, the big threat to UNO isn’t its own web of nepotism and corrupt management, but the possibility of a unionized teaching force.

The danger is that UNO will not be able to keep its innovation if it has to grant due process to employees.   Just think how crippled UNO would have been if it could not have immediately dismissed David Corrall after he reported sexual assault taking place at one of UNO’s schools.  Not only that, but I’m sure union contracts would severely eat into Juan Rangel’s $260,000 contract.

The Tribune solution is that UNO needs to learn from Green Dot.  I must say, at first glance Green Dot seems to have quite a lot in common with UNO — namely ethics charges.  UNO, however, has completed an internal investigation and decided   As, you read today’s UNO story, it’s clear their innovations aren’t taking place in the classroom, but in the fields of spin and damage control.

Embattled UNO Charter School Leader Steps Aside, Stops Short of Resigning

“But saying he still has much to contribute, Rangel will remain CEO of UNO, which includes the day-to-day management of the schools. He insisted that an overhauled board with new, independent members will keep him accountable. UNO named Martin Cabrera, Jr., founder and CEO of Cabrera Capital Markets, as the new chairman of the community organization’s board.”

Chicago to Shutter 50 Public Schools: Is Historic Mass Closure an Experiment in Privatization

“ALEX LYONS: I am very, very disappointed and upset in the rubber-stamp vote that was taken by the CPS Board of Elections to take our kids from the classroom and put them on the front row of killings, murders, war zones, seeing things that a kid should not see to go to school.”

Chicago to Close 50 Public Schools While Spending $100 Million on a Basketball Arena

“Of course, the city is justifying such a large public investment by claiming that constructing the arena and it’s accompanying event center will bring “huge opportunity” to the city of Chicago by attracting business and tourism.

How much opportunity will this deal provide the city of Chicago if, in 20 years, its streets are riddled with uneducated college-age adults?”

The Problem with Chicago’s School Closings

“At the end of this year my city, Chicago is closing a total of 49 Elementary Schools which is the largest in the city’s history. The largest source of revenue for the district, 40% comes from local sources (mostly local property taxes). The state provides 31% of funding via the general state aid (GSA), based on a complicated formula set by the state legislature and finally the Federal government provides 24% of the funding through the Title 1 program and paying for the free & reduced lunch program. Illinois ranks second lowest in the nation for the level of funding that the state provides for education. As a teacher, it is abominable how low education is on the list of funding priorities.”

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