Is Our Children Learning Part II

30 May

ImageUNO Can’t Whitewash this Scandal

“This week wasn’t the first time that UNO has created waves. There have long been whispers — at some points, escalating to shouts and finger-pointing — around UNO’s work in clout-building through electioneering, endorsements and cronyism. The fact that these activities are allegedly taking place in an institution whose stated mission is education is particularly egregious, even in a place like Chicago, where citizens are hardened by regular reports of political sleaze and fraud.”

Jeb Bush talks Education at Mackinac, Pushes Michigan’s Questionable Charter School Sector

“That study, released in January by Stanford University’s Center for Research on Education Outcomes, found that while students in Michigan’s charter schools are raising their test scores more quickly than their peers in public schools, they are still performing at much lower levels. Charter school students in the state gain about two months of reading and math knowledge over their peers each year — but 80 percent of charter schools perform below the 50th percentile of achievement in reading, and 84 percent perform below that threshold in math..”

Our Report from the Mackinac Island Conference

“Hello and a sunny welcome from beautiful Mackinac Island, Michigan where the beautiful people of the education reform set have all penciled in this beautiful island made famous by Esther Williams in the movie Grand Hotel, for their Spring getaways.  It’s Mackinac Island Conference Week and if there’s one thing on the menu besides Chianti Chef Keith Shockling’s Semolina Dusted Lake Huron Whitefish, it’s education reform.

When Black Kids Want to Learn and the World Tells Them No

“There are black children who don’t value education. Not because they are black, but because they are children and that’s what children do. The more tragic and infuriating thing is that they grow up in a society that doesn’t value educating black children and is hellbent on doing everything it can to stop them from learning.”

George W. Bush asked the famous question, “Is our children learning?” when he was President.   It seems that his brother Jeb also believes that public schools are misunderestimating our children’s capacity to learn.  Today, we have a little national news in with the usual CPS closing stories.

BBB Tells Everyone to Move On, For Parents It’s Not that Easy

“Meanwhile parents are confused about the enrollment process, have been told they have until the end of this week to figure it out, and some welcoming schools are not even informed about their role in this process.”

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