So Many Stories So Little Time

31 May

ImageThere’s a lot going on in Chicago, Springfield, and Mackinac Island today.   I’m going to try and be concise, but a lot of this will really impact students, parents,and teachers alike.  I really recommend this Reuters article on the huge invasion of privacy that Illinois is only one of three states going along with.

School Database Loses Backers as Parents Balk Over Privacy

“Parents and civil liberties groups concerned about potential privacy breaches quickly began to sound the alarm and rallied opposition in social media.”

Illinois Senate Defeats House-Backed Pension Reform Bill

“The proposal pushed by House Speaker Michael Madigan failed Thursday evening, with 16 voting “yes” and 42 voting “no.” The vote left lawmakers without a solution to the pension issue with only one day left before the Legislature’s scheduled adjournment.”

Warning to Chicago Parents About Student Privacy

“Yet she also revealed that Illinois plans to expand inBloom data sharing and data mining to 35 districts serving half a million students starting in 2015.”

Mayor Rahm’s Great Plan for Education: Bankrupt the Schools!

“Of course, an idea being dumb won’t stop Illinois state reps and senators from approving it, as they move heaven and earth to avoid receiving a profanity-laced late-night phone call from our tempestuous mayor.”

The Lunacy of DePaul’s New Basketball Arena

“Municipalities across the nation are suffering from the quixotic whimsy of their elected officials when it comes to publicly financed sports venues. When you mix in this particular city’s budget, this particular team’s fortunes and the way these numbers don’t seem to make any realistic sense at all, it’s understandable why people in Chicago are upset.”

Trumbull Parents Not Happy About Uptown Welcoming School

“My wife is saying ‘absolutely no’ [to McCutcheon] she doesn’t want our kids to go there at all,” Weisgard said. He added: “It’s in a bad neighborhood. We live in Uptown and we purposely take our kids out of Uptown to go to school.”

Enrollment Drive After Closing Shows Mixed Results

“But a breakdown of enrollment numbers by school shows wide variation among parents declaring where they will send their children in the fall. At King on the West Side and Parkman and Bontemps on the South Side, fewer than 10 percent of parents enrolled their children in new schools. At Stockton on the North Side, where the building is not closing but Courtenay’s staff is taking over Stockton’s building, nearly everyone enrolled, according to CPS data.  “

South Side CPS Parents Demand Enrollment at Wicker Park Magnet School

“Meanwhile, parents from three schools slated for closure are demanding their children be allowed to attend a Wicker Park magnet school.”

Eulogy for 50 Schools

“and i wondered if my old school was sad. if the classroom where Ms. Johnson read us books and showed us letters, was sad.
i wondered if my school didn’t understand. didn’t understand where everyone went.
i wondered if Lester was still there, with his mop and that big bucket when the bell rang.
i liked Lester. he always said hello to me. every single day.”

The Biggest Irony in Chicago’s Mass Closing of Schools

“As it turns out, according to WBEZ,  the three schools that Duncan first closed and revamped are all being “shaken up” as part of the newly announced closure of 50 public Chicago schools, the largest mass school closing in U.S. history.”

Day 2 on Mackinac Island

“If I had any doubts about the education reform movement, Michelle Rhee deftly erased them all.  She repeated her often used statistic that this would be the first generation in this country that was less educated than their parents.  As the number of  U.S. college graduates hit a record high in 2012, it’s clear that Ms. Rhee sees a very precipitous decline to get the numbers down from 30 percent to the 22 percent level of 1990. “




3 Responses to “So Many Stories So Little Time”

  1. arlenegloria June 2, 2013 at 1:26 am #

    Thank You,

    I appreciate my subscription, which started arriving on day. Sometimes I forward it to other teachers and allies.

    Please tell me where is the link to encourage them to subscribe on their own.




  2. retiredbutmissthekids June 2, 2013 at 4:02 am #

    As to “Warning to Chicago Parents About Student Privacy,” EVERYONE must read the link and–please make note–that other states have actually pulled out of this massive Big Brother nightmare, leaving ONLY New York, Colorado and ILLINOIS as participants.
    Wouldn’t you just know it? Parents, PLEASE get on the stick about this one–it’s going to be a bigger headache than you think, and once it starts, it’s going to be almost impossible to control. YOUR child’s information in somebody else’s data base–wouldn’t stand for it if I still had a school-aged child.

  3. Susan Ryan June 2, 2013 at 2:42 pm #

    This will also incur an annual financial cost of $2-$5 per student beginning in 2015, according to the Chicago Tribune article June 2. This is further exploitation and mismanagement of education $. This needs to be brought to the attention of the public NOW through every possible venue.

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