Emanuel in Full Spin Mode

3 Jun


Time and the Chicago Tribune have both unsurprisingly jumped to the defense of Rahm Emanuel.  It’s not surprising, but it sounds like the dying gasps of old journalism.   Time Magazine still has a sold circulation at dentist’s offices, but it’s mission seems to be unclear.  When you are a weekly news magazine, what do you have to add to the conversation in our modern world with much shorter news cycles. 

In three days, Time will begin reporting on the horrible storms that hit Oklahoma.  When you’re that far behind the rest of the parade, you had better provide depth because if all you’re going to say is, “big storms cause damage” and show some pictures, you can’t possibly compete with the internet and cable news.  If your take on the school closings is Rahm against “special interests”, I just don’t know how you ignore the parents and students or for that matter the UNO scandal with Juan Rangel on the committee approving new building and an alderman’s sister working on the closings. 

It turns out that the broom Michelle Rhee was holding on the cover of Newsweek was to sweep them out of business.  If they keep presenting this Cliff’s Notes version of corporate news, it won’t be long until Time will be joining them.

Rahm Emanuel, There’s a Good Reason People Are Mad at You

“The photo of this week’s Time magazine cover guy is accompanied by a question that I can only assume is rhetorical. Because the answer to the question about Chicago’s mayor–why are people mad at him?–should be readily apparent to anyone following recent headlines about the 50 Chicago schools slated to be closed.”

Time Magazine Stands with Rahm

“In Time‘s worldview, the “status quo” seem to be unions, parents, teachers and students who want to save their public schools. And on the other side? Reformers and big corporations, standing up to those “special interests.” It’s a curious way to see the world, but that’s where Time is coming from. And there’s no doubt whose side Time is on.”

One Day Before Deadline, Only Half of Students in Closing Schools Enroll at New Schools

“They know… and if you hang around closing schools, talk to parents, it’s obvious many of them are sending their own message right back to the school district. I met parent Antoine Dobine walking across the playground at West Pullman Elementary this week. He admits some parents are complacent, but he says there’s a fundamental reason many haven’t registered for new schools.”

Common Core’s Claims are False

“Existing evidence strongly suggests that improving the economy improves children’s educational outcomes, not vice-versa, supporting Martin Luther King’s position: “We are likely to find that the problems of housing and education, instead of preceding the elimination of poverty, will themselves be affected if poverty is first abolished”(Martin Luther King, 1967, Final Words of Advice).”

A Close Look at a Speech from Michelle Rhee

“Those huge sums of money that Rhee wheedled out of politicians and billionaires didn’t go to students. They went to adults like Rhee!

The Rebirth of the Chicago Teachers Union and the Possibilities for a Counter-Hegemonic Education Movement

“The significance of the Chicago teachers’ strike also has to be understood in relation to the broad attack on the public sector. Insisting that there is no alternative to address the “fiscal crisis,” local governments are pressing for austerity budgets that cut deep into what remains of the social-safety net and decent public-sector jobs. City governments are cutting police and firefighters, slashing public employees’ wages and benefits, closing libraries and schools, foregoing infrastructure repairs and maintenance, and selling off public infrastructure to consortia of transnational investors.”

If I Were a Teacher in the Chicago Public Schools…I Would Research the New CEO Barbara Byrd Bennett

“If I were a teacher in the Chicago Public Schools, I would insist on a transparent background on Barbara Byrd-Bennett, an actual timeline/resume indicating dates of attained degrees, licensure, and certification.”

Bait & Switch

“Enter Eugene Sanders. When the new CEO arrived from Toledo last July, he inherited more than Byrd-Bennett’s hidden audits and fake attendance numbers. He was now stuck with a massive construction project riddled with failure.”

Last Stand for Children First CEO Myron Minor Survives Mackinac Island Conference Tragedy

“Tragedy struck the Mackinac Policy Conference when in their zealous to improve the efficiency of Mackinac Island’s Grand Hotel, inadvertently made the hotel staff walk off the job.   Mackinac, which is the Indian word for “Slaughter Island” soon found the peaceful conference guests facing off in tribes.   While there was apparently only one fatality, only the timely arrival of some yachting enthusiasts prevented a much greater tragedy. “

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