The Rains of Castamere

6 Jun


By now, it’s over except for the weeping and the moaning.  Tonight, CPS principals found out their budgets for the coming year and the word I’m hearing is that the many reassurances they had that the per pupil budgets wouldn’t be bad have fallen by the wayside.   Principals with 7 figure holes in their budget don’t seem uncommon and there will be some deep and painful cuts on the backs of Chicago’s teachers and school children.  This will be the kind of ambush that those of us who watch Game of Thrones saw on Sunday night.  Actually, there are a lot of similarities between Joffrey and Rahm.

I’m not kidding about some large schools facing multi-million dollar cuts to their budget.   Of course, this will be blamed on the teachers.   Our huge 3 percent raise for working 17% longer is the culprit or maybe it’s our ridiculously high pensions.    The worst part is that I believe the current budget is probably CPS posturing.  Unfortunately, a lot of teachers will be laid off before anything gets changed.

CPS has been true to form in their actions towards the pension shortfall.  They refused to meet with the CTU representatives in Springfield from November until May.  When they did finally meet with CTU, their negotiating strategy was to offer nothing and demand cuts.  CTU rightly wants to know that the revenue stream for the pensions will be fixed and that healthcare will be adequately funded.

I saw on the Huffington Post today that charter school hack Andrew Broy calls these neighborhood schools closings a “new era of possibility for Chicago students“.  Calling this outrage an era of new possibility is like calling the attack on the World Trade Center a great real estate opportunity.  I hate profiteering.

Taxpayers Protest TIF Funding of DePaul Basketball Arena

““I’m paying out of my bottom for my education at DePaul, the extremely high tuition is worth every penny, but they certainly don’t need taxpayer dollars,” said Erika Wozniak, 30, the organizer of Wednesday’s protest, which was timed to coincide with a faculty meeting.”

Emanuel Won’t Rule Out Property Tax Hike, Class Size Increase as Pension Problem Looms

“The Chicago Public Schools is working through the issues. I can’t tell you today what their budget’s gonna be line-by-line. I know that the first priority is to protect the classroom and to protect our children’s education and to also find savings — as we have to pay for a full day of kindergarten — through administrative savings, as we have from Day One,” he said.

Rauner Announces He’s Running For Governor, Doesn’t Mention Payton Prep Charge

“Rauner, who says he’s not one of those typical politicians, made the announcement in a slick video on his website, produced with some of the $1.5 million his exploratory committee has collected. “I could ride a horse at six, milk a cow at eight, fire a rifle at ten,” Rauner says in the video.”

One Response to “The Rains of Castamere”

  1. Dienne June 6, 2013 at 10:39 am #

    “Calling this outrage an era of new possibility is like calling the attack on the World Trade Center a great real estate opportunity.”

    Thanks, I’m going to have to steal that one.

    I thought the whole point of closing 50 schools, according to the great and mighty Rahm and BBB, was to fully resource the remaining schools. Right, just like “liberating” the Iraqi people was the point of invading Iraq.

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