Is it Incompetence or Malevolence?

9 Jun

Becky Carrol (Left), seen here ringing in the New Year, has said CPS cuts won’t reach the classroom.

This is a tough question for me to ask.  I generally believe in the goodness of all people.  I believe that’s a trait necessary to teach in today’s world.  Even when a particularly despicable politician like Rahm Emanuel comes along, I like to believe that they do what they do because they’re misguided and they don’t understand the result of their actions, not because they’re inherently bad people.

Unfortunately, with the latest CPS shenanigans, I have to wonder if this is a deliberate attempt to undermine our city’s public schools. The cuts are so severe that schools will be unable to deliver anything other than a bare bones education with extremely large class sizes.  The selective enrollment and magnet schools will keep their funding in tat for the most part, but in the neighborhoods, what chance do the schools have?

Charter schools love to trumpet their 15,000,000 person waiting list.  That is a lie. If it wasn’t, charter schools wouldn’t spend so much on marketing to try and attract students, and there wouldn’t be opposition from parents and community residents when new charter schools try to open.  You cannot open charter schools in the numbers that Rahm Emanuel,and Bruce Rauner want with this level of demand.  It needs to be juiced and what better way to increase demand than to tank your public schools.

As we look at the school board, we see a large number of people with conflicts of interest who profit by the destruction of public education or turning around public schools and giving them to AUSL to run.   It’s not a coincidence that people like Penny Pritzker and David Vitale who were supposed to be safeguarding our children’s education, have been instead raiding the TIF money for companies that should be able to pay their own way.

In October, Lincoln Elementary School’s LSC asked CPS to build a new $30 million middle school because of severe overcrowding.    Dave Vitale’s response was, “If somebody wants to write a $30 million check, we can do it, but right now we don’t have that money,”

I’m happy to report, I’ve found the money.  According to Chicago’s Tif website “United Airlines was awarded a total $31.3 million in TIF money in two different deals in September 2009 and October 2007.”

Since Dave Vitale is on the board, maybe he can cut a check.

The [Friday] Papers

“Has CPS ever made an assertion in the last two years that hasn’t been proven wrong? I’m not even sure they’re giving out the right address for headquarters anymore.”

CPS Deficit Disappearing

“The most outrageous claims about cutting “bureaucracy” have come since Rahm Emanuel became mayor in May 2011. On several occasions at press conferences (Emanuel was holding them almost daily to tout some new corporate program, although he has slowed down of late out of fear someone was going to ask him a specific question about his attacks on real public schools) Emanuel told reporters that his administration had cut “$400 million…” from the so-called “bureaucracy.” When pressed for specifics, Emanuel’s aides did not answer.”

School Closings in Chicago — I ain’t Over them Yet

“Just so you know—once the city buys the land, it becomes tax exempt. So the schools lose on two ends. They lose the $28 million or so the mayor’s taking from them to buy the land. And they lose all the future property tax dollars the land would generate.

In other words, they’re spending money to lose money. Definitely tough to get over that.”

Students’ Data now for Sale

“The implications of this are dubious at best. Every standardized test your child takes, whether on paper or computer, will store and share a variety of personal information — race, economic background, discipline records and personal addresses — with corporate vendors. These corporations can then use this information for their own profit motives and purposes.”

The Common Core – Who’s Minding the Schools

“More affluent students, as always, will have parental support. Private tutoring, already a growth industry, will become more important if passing scores on the Common Core are required for graduation. Despite worthy aims, the new standards may well deepen the nation’s social divide.”

Gov. Quinn to Restore Taxpayer Money for New UNO School

“Quinn was urged recently to reverse his decision to suspend the grant by powerful Ald. Edward Burke, a major campaign donor to the governor. Burke’s 14th Ward is home to five UNO schools and the half-built Soccer Academy High School, and Burke has formed a political alliance with Rangel.”

4 Responses to “Is it Incompetence or Malevolence?”

  1. Luis Gabriel Aguilera June 10, 2013 at 3:20 am #

    Wow, after all the great articles, essays, etc. out there and we’re still asking such a question?

  2. Kylene June 10, 2013 at 4:58 am #

    I find it weird that you are willing to post that picture of Becky Carroll on here. I feel like it undermines your trustworthiness as a news source. Have you never partied on New Years Eve and said ‘screw you’ to the last year? We need to play fair if we ever want to get anywhere in our fight to better the lives of our students.

    • cps299 June 10, 2013 at 11:52 am #

      If somebody else had tweeted that picture, I would. It have posted it. However, since Ms. Carroll tweeted it herself, I didn’t think it was anything that she’d be ashamed of. In this day and age, where a Pennsylvania teacher lost her job for having a glass of wine in front of her in a wedding picture, I’m very careful what I post online.

    • xian June 11, 2013 at 3:54 pm #

      I understand the desire for civility. I just can’t help but think you are mistaken when you say that “it undermines (your) trustworthiness as a news source”. How can you undermine trustworthiness by reporting truth? It seems especially ironic when our bosses (yours and mine) have been lying in ways that WILL KILL CHILDREN for the last 6 months or so.

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