PIllars Built on a Crumbling Foundation

11 Jun


Today, Barbara Byrd-Bennett announced her new plan based around 5 pillars.   I have to say, I think it’s cheating if you have 5 pillars, which are basically your district’s standards, to have one of those pillars be having standards.  I won’t even pick on the obvious grammar mistake in one of the pillars where they bungled subject – verb agreement.

One thing is for sure, Islam seemed to be the originator of the five pillar movement, but it has spread like wildfire.  There are 994,000 Google entries for “five pillars”.  One thing that CPS has in common with Islam is the third pillar of Islam which is charitable giving.  All faithful are required to tithe 2.5 percent of their wealth to charity.  In CPS, we require school children to TIF their money to the wealthy.

It isn’t just that the pillars were platitudes and talking points, but they were recycled platitudes and talking points.  These talking points didn’t even fit the situation on the ground.   Seriously, you support effective teachers by laying them off.  You empower parents by ignoring their input and refusing to meet with them.

Oh well, I guess that’s what you get from a 5 year plan by somebody who won’t be here in 5 months.  She was hired to close schools and I will be shocked to see her finish out the year,now that the closing is in progress.

CPS Boss Releases Five-Year Education Plan, ‘Not Abstractions’

“What the district is doing is repackaging a number of corporate school reform ideas, putting it in a doc and calling it news,” he said. “What it leaves out is the need to actually follow up on previous initiatives.”

WPA Art for the Children of Chicago — Even the Ones in Closing Schools

“That something isn’t particularly clear at this time; no one over at CPS can say what exactly is going to be done with the murals. They’re going to be stored, or “put into the new schools,” or something. Later. Decisions will be made. You’d think they’d have a plan. You know, for dealing with priceless treasures that arguably aren’t even theirs, and many of which require restoration still.”

Parents Call for Boycott to Stop Closing of Englewood School

“The mothers say they’ve tried everything else to get the district’s attention about why Goodlow, 2040 W. 62nd Street in Englewood, should not be absorbed into Earle Elementary, and are urging parents to keep their children home through Friday.”

Chicago Tonight: Carol Marin Interviews Barbara Byrd Bennett about 5 Year Plan

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