CPS Closes 17% of Pillars

13 Jun


We know that CPS has been slashing the budgets of neighborhood schools, but this is ridiculous.  In a speech in December, Barbara Byrd Bennett spoke of the 6 Pillars of Education:

The appointment of these leaders will help CEO Byrd-Bennett build the infrastructure needed to support her vision for the District and the underlying pillars that will guide that work. These six pillars include: high standards and rigorous curriculum; effective leadership and committed workforce; quality schools; engaged and empowered community; and sound fiscal management and accountability systems. The sixth pillar, student needs, is the foundation of the District’s collective work and is what all of the pillars are designed to focus on delivering.

Only 7 short months later, we’re supposed to get by with only 5 pillars.  I wouldn’t be shocked, if we’re down to 4 or even 3 pillars by 2014.   I mean closing schools and laying off teachers is one thing, but how can an urban school district survive with 17% less pillars.  (This was discovered by the great Matt Farmer and I blatantly swiped it, but felt obliged to give him credit because he is a lawyer type person.)

No Simple Answers for Chicago’s Overcrowded Schools

““Each time CPS turns over and gets a new CEO and a new staff is hired and people who understood what was going on are let go or repositioned, our children age and in that process, your kids are never going to see an addition,” Conklin Danao said. “My kids in first and second grade are unlikely to see an addition and if they do it would be middle school, at best. Our kids age in this system and it just keeps happening on the backs of them.”

Who Cares for Chicago’s Children

“We take for granted that certain people “care” and that if they are simply shown the error of their ways they’ll fix them – but the people who make the decisions about Chicago’s schools have heard the message, loud and clear. They’ve chosen to ignore it.”

DePaul Arena a ‘Monstrosity,’ TIF Panelists Say

“More than 1,000 people have attended the TIF Illumination Project’s meetings so far, Tresser explained. He believes he is seeing what could be the start of aldermanic campaigns at some of the TIF meetings, because people are becoming more educated and engaged on the issue.”

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