Dance As If You’re Being Evaluated

14 Jun

ImageFor once, I have academic craziness that isn’t from Chicago.   The Common Core is in some real trouble as conservative groups and parent groups are fighting against it in a big way.   When they first introduced the Common Core to CPS, I remember being at at PD where they bragged about how many states were on board.  That number has been dropping like a rock.

So, what’s my problem with the Common Core?  Simply put, it seems like another attempt by non-teachers to suck the joy out of learning.  David Coleman’s own speeches about the standards he developed, show the limitations of the Common Core.  I have never found “reforms” that attempt to quantify how many angels can fit on the head of a pin terribly helpful.  These Kindergarten Dance Standards from Colorado are a case in point.

Play is so valuable to children.  They learn so much through the cooperative process, whether it’s a game where rules must be agreed on or just general pretending, where everybody agrees on what they’re pretending.   Children learn more about interpersonal relationships, negotiation, teamwork, and imagination through play than we can ever teach them through drill and kill.  I can’t help, but look at these Colorado standards and think, well there’s something else that used to be fun for kids.

I used a picture of Rahm Emanuel at ballet in this post.  I generally don’t like attempts to slam the Mayor for his dance background.  I dislike him because of his policies, and prefer to focus on that.  On the other hand, we are talking about dance standards here.

Rahm Emanuel Tied to Corporate Takeover of Chicago Schools

“What part of “Rahm <3s Big Corporate Takeover of Chicago Public Schools” is difficult for anyone to understand after reading this? There still seems to be an element of denial when it comes to Rahm, despite his middle finger to the UAW while he was sitting at the Chief of Staff’s desk in the White House.”

[Hmm, I think somebody isn’t telling the truth here]

New CPS Budget Plan Shocks Some Schools: Layoffs, Larger Class Sizes Possible

“Budget cuts described by local school officials as “shocking” were leading to predictions of teacher layoffs, larger classroom sizes and eliminated programs.”

Bucktown CPS Principal: We Knew There’d Be Cuts, Didn’t Think This Deep

“Burr Elementary School, a top-rated neighborhood school at 1621 W. Wabansia Ave. in Bucktown, will see an almost 22 percent overall budget cut resulting in layoffs and larger class sizes, it was announced at a Local School Council meeting Wednesday.”

Lincoln Park HS Budget Slashed by $1.06 Million

:”Where is the outrage in our community about this?” said Kathy Berghoff, the parent chair of the local school council.

“I had no idea these kind of numbers would come out.” said Erica Wax, a member of the council.”

CPS Budget Cuts Hit Schools Hard: Amundsen Loses $780k, Roosevelt Down $1M

“We’re shocked,” said Timothy Meegan, who teaches geography and world studies at Roosevelt and also serves as a union delegate. “It’s absolutely demoralizing; it’s heartbreaking. It’s distracting to teaching and learning.”

Teachers Union Says New Budget System Means Deep Cuts — CPS Says Not True

“CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett said in a statement that “the CTU’s allegations are disappointing and not accurate,” but did not point out errors in the union’s figures. She also hoped the union “will work with us and can contribute to real solutions to the financial crisis facing our schools.”


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