Rahm Bravely Goes to Israel

17 Jun

ImageJust as Rahm bravely skied in Utah when the school closing list was announced, he also bravely went to Israel last week, so that he could miss the 850 layoffs his closings caused.  When you want a news story buried, you put it out on Friday afternoon.   I don’t think the timing of these layoffs was any kind of accident.  The thing is, with the budget cuts, there are going to be a lot more layoffs in this city’s schools before this is over.  As teachers, parents, and students, we had better get serious about the mayoral election and we had better find a candidate, or there won’t be anything left of our schools.

Rahm Emanuel is Losing Control of His City

“Politically, the situation is disastrous, and some are (perhaps wishfully) taking it as the first real sign of vulnerability for his reelection chances. The Chicago Teachers Union is already spearheading a registration drive to turn a constituency that is already against the mayor into voters, and union president Karen Lewis labeled Emanuel “the murder mayor” because of all his cuts to vital services. Multiple lawsuits are also pending from families and the union who both say the mayor is violating the civil rights of special needs children and those living in poorer, marginalized neighborhoods. They say the closures are really a veiled attempt to weaken the union and expand the privatized charter school system.”

Hugs and Tears at Lafayette’s Last String Orchestra Concert

“It’s shocking,” said parent Rosemary Vega, choking up as she spoke. “I have no more words. We fought and fought and fought to keep this going, something so good for these kids, and it was snatched from under them.”

Budget Cuts are ‘Nightmarish’ for Wildwood School

“Principal Mary Beth Cunat said Friday the cuts to next year’s budget are a “nightmarish scenario” for the Edgebrook school, which is among the most overcrowded in the city.”

Chicago Dumping Hundreds of Teachers Just Inside for Charter School Job Fair

“Just as Chicago is continuing its attack on the city’s real public schools by dumping hundreds of veteran teachers and other schools staff, almost as a spooky coincidence Chicago teachers are receiving emails that they can participate in the “Charter Schools Job Fair.” Now that the Chicago teachers union, dozens of community organizations and tens of thousands of teachers, parents and students have realized that the six members of the Chicago Board of Education and the current “Chief Executive Officer” (this year’s version “RAHM 2.0 is Barbara Byrd Bennett) are engaged in overt sabotage of the real public schools of the third largest city in the USA, the evidence continues just to make a perfect fit.”

Pink Slips Flying at Chicago Public Schools

“The teachers who lost their jobs either lacked tenure or the high performance ratings necessary to follow their students to receiving schools in the system. All the employees may reapply for other jobs within the system, and 60 percent of teachers end up being rehired.”

It’s Time to Reform Father’s Day

“We at Last Stand for Children First love dads.  We believe they’re one of the two most important people in a child’s life.  That’s why, we don’t do any favors for the really good dads, when we call all of them great.   What incentive do parents have to strive for greatness when they’re not rated any higher than mediocre fathers who don’t even require their children to learn to play a sport or practice the piano?”

2 Responses to “Rahm Bravely Goes to Israel”

  1. retiredbutmissthekids June 18, 2013 at 3:26 am #

    I really do NOT understand what is going on at Wildwood School. They have excellent ratings from Great Schools, their ISAT scores for all grades are in the high 80’s & 90’s (so they must be a Level 1 CPS School), they have well-regarded & respected faculty (principal & teachers), and, yet, CPS has crammed it beyond capacity. Yet, when parents attempt to enroll children at Pritzker (which DOES have room), they are told no. Is CPS attempting to make Wildwood a “failing” school, as well, so that they can move a charter school into the building or have one move in down the street from Wildwood ?(Wouldn’t every school wish to be located in Edgebrook?)
    I saw the video and read the above article–there is absolutely NO excuse for this. And the reason? IMO, it is that CPS is one of the most incompetently run, corrupt school districts in the country. This is beyond outrageous–it is criminal. Wildwood parents–please get yourselves a lawyer and save your very successful children’s school (successful BECAUSE of you, your children & the dedicated Wildwood staff) before it goes the way of the so-called “failing” schools. There is, after all, STILL state law (in accordance with the Illinois School Code) dictating minimum square footage required per child.

    I know this issue well–I once worked in a suburban school district where space was an issue (an obnoxious attempt to cram two Early Childhood Special Ed. classes into one classroom), parents and teachers challenged the school district and we won! You can, too!

    • cps299 June 18, 2013 at 4:20 am #

      Thanks for the insights on Woldwood

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