If Your Mother Tells You She Loves You, Check It Out

21 Jun

ImageI am not a reporter, I’m a teacher and I make no claims to being a journalist.   This is pretty ironic in itself as dozens of reporters act as if they have some kind of education credentials.  I bring this up because there is a cardinal rule of journalism and that rule is that you always need to look at the source.  Sometimes, there are two sides to an issue.  A lot of the time, there’s only one.  

I don’t think the debate between evolution and creationism is compelling.  That debate should be part of history, not part of policy.  The same could be said of Becky Carroll claiming that the CPS budget cuts wouldn’t impact the classroom, when principals are reporting budget cuts from a few hundred thousand to several million dollars.

When Student First ranked states by how much they went after teacher pensions and hired hugely expensive consultants, papers printed their rankings as if they came from a panel of impartial experts.   This week, the same thing happened with NCTQ.  The National Center for Teacher Quality published an error filled report attempting to rate education programs at universities by course outlines that the bribed students to send them.  NCTQ has more conflicts of interest than I can list,  Fortunately, Mercedes Schneider already did.

I make no bones about the bias about this blog.  I don’t plaster this blog with every educational link I see.  Sometimes, I miss something, but more often, I didn’t think it was terribly newsworthy.

A Child’s View of CPS’s Historic Closings: ‘I Just Don’t Get It.  I Don’t Get It at All’

“Do you have any idea what your doing to us … our school … even to me? We all have tried and tried everything to keep our school open. How can people like you have no mercy on us?”

Philadelphia: Blame Teachers First Is a Bad Strategy

“The School District is demanding $133 million in labor concessions to plug its $304 million budget gap. That’s more than twice as much as it requested from the city, and $13 million more than what it’s seeking from the state — which cut nearly $1 billion from school funding statewide (that’s you, Gov. Tom Corbett) despite its constitutional obligation to fund public education and, critically, its direct control of city schools for the past decade.”

Union-Hating Republican Rauner is a Democratic Pal. Further adventures in Bizarro World

“The Democratic Party line-up of Madigan, Daley and Quinn aren’t exactly union allies. Why would anti-union voters mark the ballot for a rank amateur when they already have professional union bashers among the Democrats.”

CPS Budget Cuts: More than $900K slashed from Portage Park Elementary

“”I don’t think parents know how bad these cuts are,” said Principal Maureen Ready, adding she was not certain it is possible to operate on the amount of money the Chicago Public Schools plans to give the far Northwest Side neighborhood school at 5330 W. Berteau Ave.”

Whitney Young Proposes Charging Students $500 for 7th Period

“Under the proposal, all students at the high-powered magnet school at 211 S. Laflin would attend six periods, but students wanting to take a seventh would have to pony up $500, according to a letter sent Wednesday to faculty and parents by Whitney Young Principal Joyce Kenner.”

CPS Parents, You Have Now Entered the Twilight Zone

“That’s right, happy citizens. What you’re seeing is an increase in spending, an increase in per pupil funding, and the only school district in the United States to increase its spending at such rates.”

Chicago Schools May be Forced to Choose Between Teachers and Toilet Paper Due to Budget Cuts

“In many schools, including mine, there are no funds left for janitorial supplies –- and this includes toilet paper,” Chicago teacher Michelle Gunderson told the Daily Kos before the toilet paper drive. “What might seem juvenile to some is in fact a perfect metaphor for the disregard of human dignity — the Chicago Public Schools care so little about children that their basic needs are being neglected.”

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