Same Old Same Old at CPS

24 Jun

ImageThe Chicago Board of Education is a rubber stamp.  Whatever Rahm Emanuel wants, he gets.  That’s one of the reasons that this city needs an elected school board.  I don’t think it really mattered who was appointed to fill Penny Pritzker’s vacancy on the board.  It’s not like a rubber stamp can get rubberier.

I can’t really say I was disappointed by the mayor’s appointment of Deborah Quazzo.  It really won’t change anything.  Like Pritzker, Quazzo has no education background, no ties to CPS other than profiting off of them, and a career in investment banking. 

The only thing I was surprised about is that city hall felt it necessary to announce her appointment in a Friday afternoon news dump to guarantee the least amount of press possible.   It appears that even Rahm realized this was a ridiculous appointment.  I guess that’s progress.

Teacher’s Union Blasts Emanuel’s School Board Choice

“Quazzo, 52, has served on the boards of New Schools for Chicago, an organization that raises money for charter schools, and KIPP Chicago, a charter school operator. She has also donated money to Republican Bruce Rauner’s gubernatorial campaign. Rauner is an advocate of charter schools.”

Protest over CPS Funding Cuts

“The group, “Raise Your Hand,” organized the event after it compiled a list of more than 100 CPS school budgets for next year. It says CPS will slash more than $77 million. The group marched from the Thompson Center to DePaul University as a show of disapproval over plans for a $55 million stadium at McCormick Place for DePaul University’s basketball teams. The group says this money should be used to prevent cuts in CPS spending.”

Breaking: :Local School Councils Voting to Reject CPS Budget Cuts

“Local School Council Votes to Reject CPS BudgetAt its monthly meeting on Thursday, June 20, the LSC of Theodore Roosevelt High School voted to send a letter to the President of the CPS Board of Education expressing its rejection of the proposed budget for the school that slashes $1,150,00.00 from this years current expenditures. The reduction threatens to eliminate nine teaching positions.In its letter the LSC asks that Mayor Emmanuel restore the budget cuts by declaring a TIF surplus, as Mayor Daley did three years ago.The LSC will meet again on Monday, June 24 at 6:30 pm at Theodore Roosevelt High School to continue the discussion of finances.”

Is this Rahm’s Rival for Mayor

“A group of aldermen [last year] tried to get an [education-related referendum] on our ballot … and the mayor’s office basically told me, “We will never allow you to have a referendum; we will fight it and we will stop any attempt that you make to try to get an elected school board.” I was pretty offended. I said it’s not up to you what my voters want on their ballot. It’s up to me and it’s up to the other nine aldermen who also wanted it on there, and they used a technical maneuver to basically keep us off.”

CPS Inspector General Probes School-Lunch Deal

“CPS insiders say Ms. Fowler was supposed to have walled herself off from participating in the bidding process, to which Aramark, Chartwells, Sodexo Group and Preferred Meal Systems responded. The bidding process was supposed to have been run by CPS’ procurement unit, not by Ms. Fowler’s school-lunch division, with Ms. Fowler having no vote.”

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