Institutional Racism Take 2

14 Jul

ImageI can’t help, but feel that the Trayvon Martin verdict and the school closings were related.  Too many people couldn’t get it. How can school closings be racist?  Of course more African-American students were impacted because of the neighborhoods that the closings happened in. 

The same is true of the miscarriage of justice in Florida.   Again, people don’t get it.  How can that verdict be racist?  Are you saying the jurors were racists?  The prosecution didn’t do a very good job of presenting their case you know.

Of course the difference is the difference between institutional racism and individual racism.  Banks don’t wear hoods or burn crosses on lawns.  Liquor stores don’t go out of their way to sell alcohol to Native Americans.   It is both possible and rational to believe that the jurors in the Zimmerman trial did the best they could and acted for all the right reasons, without denying the racism of the process.

In a state with a 35% black population, how is not one member of the jury the same race as the victim?  In a state where an African-American woman gets 20 years for firing warning shots at an abusive husband and tries the same stand your ground defense, are we really saying that a black life has less value than dry wall?

When the daughter of the prosecutor tweets disparaging remarks about a witness who had to go through the trauma of hearing her friend shot over the phone and then reliving it in court, you can’t deny there is an undercurrent of race to the whole thing.  Individual racism is not institutional racism and as a white person, I refuse to believe that most white people are racist, but if we don’t challenge and fight to bring justice to the systems that are in place that protect privilege, we are guilty of aiding and abetting racism.  We can’t allow ourselves to be cogs in a racist machine.

I was going to post today about CPS’s fuzzy math.   I will be doing that soon.  It’s almost comical in it’s brazen incompetence and deception.

CPS Claim of Central Office Cuts Defies Earthbound Mathematics, Physics

“I hope someone who isn’t me goes back and adds up all the claimed cuts, because I’m certain it won’t take long until we’re dealing with negative numbers. In other words, all the claims of Central Office cuts over the years probably trump the entire CPS budget pretty quickly.”

Ravenswood Elementary Principal Resigns, Cites ‘Constant Turmoil’ in CPS

“My family has often taken a back seat to the needs of Ravenswood, and our family life has suffered,” said Connolly, the mother of two young children. “I believe this move will allow my children and my husband to be my top priority again.”

At Chicago’s Excel, a Shorter Path to a Diploma

“The Chicago district paid Camelot $3.1 million this fiscal year, but Camelot also runs a therapeutic school and it is not clear how much goes to the alternative school and how much to the therapeutic school. Contract schools get $7,587 per student.”

I Wandered Lonely as a Teacher

“The site just presents a mish-mash of lessons that have been floating around for decades. Any relation to the Common Core precepts seems coincidental. . . actually antithetical to David Coleman’s strictures.”

Letter Writing Campaign Opposes Budget Cuts at Schools

Courtney Sinisi, a member of the 19th Ward Parents and Cassell’s LSC, said the proposed budget at Cassell is $500,000 less than last year.

“When I heard the numbers, it was like a kick in the face,” Sinisi said. “We were anticipating cuts, but never in a million years did I think it would be so extreme.”

One Response to “Institutional Racism Take 2”

  1. Dienne July 15, 2013 at 10:57 am #

    Excellent post. It’s amazing to me how many people want to deny that racism is a part of this case when it’s been so glaringly obvious all along.

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