Chicago Public Schools Begin to Trickle Out the Hush Money

18 Jul

ImageAs hearing continue on the school closings, CPS has begun to trickle out hush money to North Side Schools who have been complaining loudly about the budget cuts they’re getting hit with.  Of course it wouldn’t be a normal day in CPS without somebody who knows something warning about the dangerous situation CPS is creating.

Expert: Chicago School Closings Will Endanger Kids

In response to such concerns, the district has said it will expand its Safe Passage program, which stations adults to stand watch along key school routes and then alert police of any problems.

But Hagedorn said he didn’t believe that would eliminate the risk to students.

“There is no way someone walking with them will protect them from a bullet,” he said.

Mayor Rahm to North-Side Parents: Hush Your Mouths and You’ll Get Your Money

“And now, out of nowhere, it turns out he’s got enough money on hand to give three north-side schools $100,000 each—if they just shut up about all the other cuts in town.”

Court Hears from CPS Parents

This is an ABC-7 report on the hearings going on over the CPS school closings

What You Need to Know About CPS Budget Cuts

To think of it another way, CPS has lowered total budget expenses at least 22% by making cuts to central office. Central office accounts for only about 5% of the overall CPS budget.

Or, think of it like this: in the last six years CPS has completely eliminated central office 5 times over.”


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